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  1. Need to sell my G, want to avoid WBAC at all costs

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi all Looking for advice. I'm moving to Canada at the end of the year and therefore I have to sell my G. It pains me to do it, but I don't have a choice. 66 plate 2.0 diesel, 34,200 miles. I've had an ad upon on autotrader for a bit (albeit not long) and haven't had any interest. It is...
  2. WBAC shady practice

    General Motoring Discussion
    I posted about this in a GTA thread, but as I wrote it I started to realise this is dodgy enough it deserves it's own thread. WBAC have started emailing me to tell me that my GTA (which I don't own any more) is due an MOT, so I should probably sell it to them in case it costs a fortune. It...