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  1. Circoli thermostat - junk (I warned you)

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Here are better pictures of the Circoli thermostat that has burst after 36 hours on my son's car. It looks like he has avoided any further damage and head gasket seems as if it is sound. After fitting a new thermostat (not a Circoli this time) I have left the car running on the drive for an...
  2. 156 Fire - Be warned if your fitting a tow bar

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My 156 that I owned and cherished from new in 2002 - caught fire due to fitting tow bar electrics without a relay by pass - so be warned I bought the kit from Towsure and a mechanic fitted it. No warning was provided that a relay by pass should be fitted - I actually know now that it protects...
  3. You have been warned! buying a 159

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi all, In my quest to find the ultimate 159 (within my budget) I have unearthed a potential dodgy 159 on Gumtr**. Went to view it recently, and although it was a CAT C that didn't worry me (as this was disclosed in the ad) what did bother me, was that the current owner has had it only one...
  4. Car wash SCAM - be warned

    South Africa
    So we take our babies for a nice shampoo and vacuum of course. Now be warned our cars have a slot where I tend to keep my petrol card by the handbrake. When they are inside your care notice how their phones come out on a fake call - what they are doing is taking a photo of your petrol card and...
  5. they warned me not to buy an Alfa

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I didnt listen! never ever had this problem before! ‪Alfa Romeo 159 disaster!‬‏ - YouTube and yes it would be right after i cleaned and conditioned the leather! 60mph windows down and my day ruined. :cry: :lol:
  6. My new Ride (picture overload - you've been warned)

    Motoring Images
    He may not be an Alfa but I hope your all welcome him with open arms. I'm over the moon with him, really impressed. He looks the nuts on the outside and on the inside. The garage washed the car pretty badly and left a few stickers on but this I can live with. Hes a (mouthful) Punto Sporting Evo...
  7. Heads up my 156 Sportwagon --- DON'T bye it, you;ve been warned

    South Africa
    Hi Everyone Long story short 6months ago I bought a silver 2001 156 2.5 V6 Sportwagon, needed a little TLC had 54000kms on it bought it for R39000 all in - no it wasn't stolen :p 3 Weeks ago it got flooded when there was those very heavy rains and many roads in edenvale etc got flooded, took...
  8. Don't get caught out! Be Warned!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    :mad: < I am abit! In all my time of ownership of GTV/Spiders (916's), i have never had a puncture! untill today that is:( Got out the spare, loosened the wheel bolts on front passenger side wheel(Punctured Wheel) and then pulled out the brand spanking new scissor lift as comes with...
  9. 156 V Metal Pipe ! (be warned its not pretty)

    General Alfa Discussion
  10. I warned you!!

    Motoring Images
    Be adviced, don't click this of you don't want to see a nice pair of knockers nice pair of knockers
  11. H2 (Be warned, it shapeshifted into a Spider light failure discussion)

    Motoring Images
    Last week (even yesterday), while I was in sunny Miami, I saw four of these monsters on the road. I must say that they look really nice IRL, it even surprised me, they even look a little solemn and all. I would like to test drive one for a couple of days, hehe. :D
  12. Be-Ne karting pics, part 2 (lot of pics, you're warned)

    Motoring Images
    In random order: And finally: Mel's beautiful alloys laughing