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  1. Warm up time (1.9 JTDm)

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    My 159 takes ages to warm up in cold weather especially with the heater on. When it gets up to 90 it stays there as it should. When I bought the car it didn't sit at 90 so I replaced the thermostat with one off ebay which cured that issue. How long do other people's 1.9s take to warm up? Is...
  2. Smelly Start when warm.....

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi, This is my first post on this amazing site although I have used it many times to assist me with the tiresome ownership of an Alfa Romeo. GT in my case, 2004 JTS. I originally bought a bit of a dog although the service history did stack up. 75,000 miles OTC, backed up too. I have done and...
  3. 159 1750 TBi, messy rattle when warm

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    SOLVED: 159 1750 TBi, messy rattle when warm Dear specialists, During my holiday in France it seems my car developed a messy rattle during coasting and light throttle. The noise is only there when the engine is warmed up! Air conditioning setting has no influence. The problem is I can hear it...
  4. Jtd 16v ticking sound when warm engine

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello, I just wanted to ask if anyone had this kind of exoerience before: The car is 2004 1.9 16v jtd. When cold everything is nice and quiet. Once warmed up,after say 30 mins drive there is a distinct ticking noise only noticeable at idle with all electrics off . Start the ac it goes away...
  5. Is it warm enough to detail the car?

    Car Detailing
    Now I've got the new car and a bit of time on my hands I'm wondering if the weather is warm enough to use the Swisswax products on the Montecarlo Blue paint?
  6. Warm start niggle

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    So from one extreme to the other - my 159 has never been a great starter. Cold start was accompanied by the characteristic grey/white smoke, lumpy idle and a bit of a whine - cured by new plugs, locking swirl flaps open, and finally EGR blank, new deswirled manifold and cleaned MAP etc...
  7. Spider TS rough idle when starting warm

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hello all My 1999 Spider 1.8 TS has a rough idle when starting warm. It starts ok when cold taking aprox 1 minute to reach the ideal rpm and then runs smooth. Only if I stop the car and turn it on again 5 or 10 minutes later it starts floating through the revs and drops to nearly stall. This...
  8. GT jtdm strange engine noise only when warm

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi forum, This is my first post so hope it is in the right place... About a year ago my 2007 GT jtdm suddenly started making a really annoying whining/droning/huming sound as soon as the engine starts to warm up. I have had a look at it myself and taken it to a few Alfa specialists but no...
  9. 1.9 16v JTDM/Multijet lack of power when warm?

    Engines (TS, JTS, JTD & V6)
    Hello AO a few weeks ago I changed my turbocharger for a reconditioned one and my Bravo is running well, although recently I have noticed a slight lack of power as soon as my temperature gauge hits 90, there is also a very noticeable lack of torque, it's not a lot but surely enough to notice...
  10. i can't warm to the 159 !!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    We have had 3 156s....and i have loved all 3 of them..2.0...1.8 and even he needed revs....but the 159..i just can't. Why ??? I find it too.....God forgive me.....boring !!! We still have the 156 SORNed on the driveway....and i have to admit i prefer the SAAB 9-3...more fun to drive...
  11. Brera 2.2 JTS engine noise when warm...

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Morning all, So the Brera 2.2 is playing up again. Just gone over 50k miles, timing chain was replaced at about 34k. Engine warning light has been on (haven't downloaded the code), and this morning after short 20 minute drive to work, there is a lot of noise from the top end of the ending from...
  12. Warm start issue

    Alfa GTA
    My GTA starts fine from cold, and if restarted up to 15 minutes after running but if I leave it for 30 minutes to an hour or even for couple of hours it starts with longer cranking and what feels like a missfire. Cold start a week later with no problems. Haven't had any issues before, and it...
  13. Blue smoke when warm up!!!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi,i bought GT 1.9 JTDM in april but because of my financial situation i was not able to make an insurance then , so i park it in a garage, so i was not driving it just start the engine from time to time 2,3 times a week , so today i start the engine everything was fine until it warm up then...
  14. Starting hic-up in warm weather?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Is it possible for this hot weather to affect how the car would start? My Brera 2.4 ALWAYS starts first time but not today, took about 3 cranks before she fired up - Could the hot weather have an effect???
  15. 147 GTA Selespeed - Stuck in gear when warm

    Alfa GTA
    Hey Guys, I have recently purchased a 2004 Alfa 147 GTA. It has travelled 74,000km. I've only driven it a couple of times but I've found when driving it after 15mins approx. it gets stuck in whatever it's in. After doing a bit of googling and poor diagnoses I've so far replaced the Pump...
  16. Too warm air for the driver

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi folks! 147 dual zone climate control blows too warm air for the driver. Also, there's a silent continuing tick-tick-tick once per second all the time and I think it comes from the air vents. Multiecuscan displays the sensor information above. Both sides are set as 19C. So, is there...
  17. Brera 159 2.2JTS warm start

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    My Brera seems to over rev when warm starting , this is intermittent though but annoying Also notice the fan comes on and off constantly when cold ? sensor problem ?
  18. GTA no warm air

    Alfa GTA
    Hi all, Posting here as I could not find a relevant thread - but the title is self explanatory. I'm getting no warm air from the climate control/fans - and this is the worst time for it not be working. Not sure where to start looking but any help would be appreciated. Cheers, Abs
  19. 159 2,0jtd won´t start when warm and stoppes during driving.

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi all, Got a 2010 159 with a 2,0jtd engine. Have been very happy with her the last five years. The last two weeks I have been having problems with her. She starts when she is cold, but will not start when she is warm. If I take the key out and wait a while after the glow plug lamp is out, she...
  20. Rough idle and Bad warm starting

    Alfa GTA
    Hi guys, I got a small problem with my 147 GTA.:irked: When i go out for a drive and i park it for a while it won't start immediately, i have to start it twice to get the engine running. The engine also runs rough, little bit fluctuating idle and a shake (maybe misfire) every 6-10 seconds. What...