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  1. Hi Members! Wannabe here

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello forum Just a quick hello to say I hope to be soon frequenting this board and getting lots of information and help. A long time German and Swedish car owner I was a moderator for several years on the biggest UK Saab forum. I departed that scene a good few years ago now and have since...
  2. Wanna-be Alfa Owner - 1750 GTV

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi, I've caught the Alfa bug and am hunting for a great condition 1750 GTV as my first Alfa. The classifieds are empty so if anyone has a lead, please pm me! :beer:
  3. Alfista wannabe - this time real serious! :)

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all, Here's my story: I had been looking to buy a 156 SS for God knows how long but didn't have the opportunity till now. You know, underdeveloped country, high prices for even used cars, new family... In the meantime, I've done a lot of reading on AlfaOwner, so I might know some of you by...
  4. Sportronic 166 wannabe Brazilian

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Now England are out of the World Cup (I guess Pomeo's happy) my 166 Sportronic (04 facelift) has started playing the maracas from it's transmission. Pretty noisy in first and idle - any ideas folks?
  5. wannabe Alfa owner

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi. I'm very new, not only to ***** Romeo's, but also to this forum experience, so be gentle. Have driven a multitude of cars, from triumph stags to Capri's (showing my age now) to my recent mondeo estate V6 which I have been using for work as antique dealer. Will be buying a van for work but...
  6. Alfa owner wannabe!

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, I really fancy to be Alfa Romeo owner. I just love the heritage, love the styling and the fact that the cars aren't expensive at the moment at all. Obviously for me the dream would be an old 1600 GTA which I adore in every aspect but it's way out of reach for me. Recently I've set my heart...
  7. Newby - wannabe GT owner

    South Africa
    Greetings all, Am new to this forum, and hopefully soon, new to Alfa ownership. Reason for my entry is long winded, but in short, biking to work everyday has become too dangerous, that leaves me driving my other baby, MB C55, to work and back and that is just too procey and not why I bought...
  8. Spotted a Guillieta Wannabe

    General Alfa Discussion
    This really made me chuckle last night on my 2hr long drive home but i spotted a BMW 1 series with a reg plate GU11 ULE - think this guys getting his wires crossed!!:lol:
  9. Newbie gtv wannabe!!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all, today I went to look at my first gtv..couple of questions. It has been sitting in a barn for a couple of years not in use, battery was flat and when opening doors the indicators flashed for about 10 seconds, is that the alarm, no siren was sounding. It only has one key, a red one. Is...
  10. Hi from a Alfa wannabe driver

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    Always wanted to buy myself an alfa, I hope I will this year. Decided to join anyway :)
  11. Brand Newbie - Alfa Brera wannabe

    Introduce Yourself
    hi all, as you can see by the title of the thread, I'm seriously considering the most exciting, probably least sensible purchase of my car buying life! I have previously owned a red P reg 145 and a pale blue S reg 156. Both were bought on looks alone. They weren't that bad to drive and own...
  12. 156 Wannabe Owner

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, looking to buy my first Alfa, really appreciate any help in doing so. Always brough European Cars and now want something red n sexy! Iain:
  13. Alfisti wannabe

    Introduce Yourself
    Just thought I'd say hi to all on the forum:D I have wanted an Alfa since I first saw one in a local scrap yard, it was the twin cam covers with Alfa Romeo scrolled along the top of the georgeous engine that attracted me and I couldnt beleive that anyone could scrap such a work of art...
  14. Hello from a wannabe alfa owner

    Introduce Yourself
    Yes sorry to dissapoint you all, not actually an alfa romeo owner myself just yet, however I am the spanner-weilding friend of a guy who has just bought a gorgeous, bright red Alfa 156 2.0 Twinspark with Tan leather interior and the 5-hole "teledial" alloys. :cool: Definitely jealous!! My...
  15. Help out a Wannabe Alfa Owner

    General Alfa Discussion
    I am considering getting an alfa but I am under some financial constraints. I preface my question by telling you that I am in college and my better judgement knows that I probably should wait a few years before getting an alfa. Additionally, my research on the cars is very limited and it...
  16. Cecil Wannabe

    Introduce Yourself
    Cecil Wannabe wants to be an Alfa owner/driver but has a boring 'german' company car and has forced his wife to purchase a 147jtd.....
  17. Wannabe Alfa Owner

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello Ladies and Gents, Firstly i have to say this forum looks like quite a plesant and informative place, and its a really good idea to have an "introduce yourself" link straight away, was gonna look for a section like this anyhoo.. My Name is Steven, but my friends call me Gand.. Long story...
  18. AlfaSud GTA wannabe !

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    I did a pretty stupid thing a while ago... ...I went and bought an '82 AlfaSud 1.5ti which had been prepared for the local AROC trofeo series... ....all the usual things (induction/heads/exhaust/etc etc)...have been done to it to comply with the rules, which are pretty limiting and require a...