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  1. Nigel walker

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  2. Nigel walker

    Alfa 145 & 146
    What size is the crank shaft pulley bolt on an alfa Romeo 145 2-0 litre cloverleaf 1999
  3. paul walker 1st Memorial!!

    South East
    Hi, is anyone up for this or goin to it? Cheers rick
  4. Fast and Furious's Paul Walker dies in car accident

    South Africa
    He was returning from a charity event, he was the passenger in a Porsche GT that left the road and hit a tree.. Happened around 15:30 yesterday RIP :(
  5. RIP Paul Walker

    General Motoring Discussion
    Paul Walker: Fast And The Furious Actor Dies
  6. Magnus Walker: Salut!

    South Africa
    `Checkk out this true petrolhead(porsche head) this guy epitomises what loving cars is all about! IT'S ALL ABOUT FEEL: PORSCHE'S URBAN OUTLAW - Speedhunters
  7. attention all murray walker fans

    International Motor Sport
    a campaign has been started to award our murray the knighthood he richly deserves. i urge everyone to sign up, forward it to all your friends, and post it on any other forums you may be a member of. thanks.
  8. Murray Walker

    International Motor Sport Just how cool was / is he:cool: :confused: Good montage:D