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  1. Do you reply to the polls you vote in?

    Poll Room
    Come on, answer me! :p
  2. Another vote for The Alfa Workshop...

    General Alfa Discussion
    Got an MCSF light this am and seeing as the main dealer couldn't find anything wrong when I took the car for it's 36000mile service a month or so ago I thought I'd try and get someone to read it whilst I kept the engine running. Rang 2 places - both independents - spoke to Jamie @ The Alfa...
  3. Vote Vote Vote Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Well, the "junior" is nearly here, but alfa has seen sense and in collaboration with Top Gear have launched a competition to name the new small car!! Set for debut next month!! Cant wait, will be buying this next year, 230bhp baby yeah...
  4. Autotrader used car awards - can't vote for the 166! grrrrr

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Have just seen the Autotrader used car awards. "Great," I think. "I can vote for the 166 as a top luxury motor." Err, no. Alfa not listed under the luxury category. FFS! You can vote for it as a family car :confused: despite the fact they are pathetically unpractical...
  5. 147 GTA Needs Your Vote!

    Alfa GTA
    I don't know how many have seen this thread but follow the link in the first post and vote for the 147 GTA (and whatever other Alfa takes your fancy in the other categories). Don't forget "Vote early...
  6. Vote for the best picture of Nick Heidfeld on the Nurburgring

    International Motor Sport
    Here : Winner gets a free set of tires and credited fame, crossing my fingers ;)
  7. A real democratic vote

    Poll Room
    I've just received the annual letter from the Electoral Registrar and I have to fill in a 4 page form again to keep me on the electoral register in the UK. I'm bored doing this every friggin' year. So this year I'm putting it to a vote: Should I return my voting registration this year? You...
  8. Vote for the Italian Car of the year etc.

    General Alfa Discussion
    From Italiaspeed:cool: Stu:D
  9. Do you think some people vote "other" in polls

    Poll Room
    ... just to be different when in actual fact their "real" selection could very well fit in the list of options provided :confused: Discuss ;)
  10. Modern skin users - PLEASE VOTE:

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    We would like to know your opinion so please vote, it will only take 5 seconds to complete and will help us enhance/mould the site and add functionality. :D And please, no silly comments, I need serious responses to a serious question Thanks AO
  11. Should prisoners be allowed to vote??

    Poll Room
    Heard on the news at the beginning of the week that a new 'human rights' law may be passed so that prisoners can vote whilst serving a sentence. Do you think it's fair/correct to society/the prisoners themselves? :confused:
  12. Vote for Alfa 159 on biggest car mag

    General Alfa Discussion
    Please, vote for Alfa 159 on the germany biggest car magazine's web sait. Right now results are close to 73% "very succesful" Lets help our beloved Alfa Rome in their epic battle against the germans :D Web sait: look at the lower left corner and select-->Sehr...
  13. Wine Drinker ? Then Place your vote.

    Poll Room
    There are so many types of wines, what wine is your cup of tea :D:D Personal Favourite is a Merlot from this winery Goes well with a nice home cooked roast! In General there entire range of wines are fabulous :D:D.
  14. Germans vote Alfa 147/156 Number One!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Found the following article on the Alfa Romeo Australian site: :D SS
  15. 2003 Meeting Poll-please vote ;)

    General Alfa Discussion
    Sorry, had to post this here as the Meetings Lounge doesn't allow for polls! There has been lots of interest about a forum meet, but.......where are we going to hold the National Meeting of 155 owners from this forum? Please vote and offer your support :D