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  1. If you were American, which way would you vote?

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    well? personally i'd rather vote bloody taliban than for any organisation that would have sarah palin* as a member, never mind in a senior position (*still would though)
  2. Vote now on autoexpress

    4C & 4C Spider
    Auto Express Design Awards 2011 voting for the best design of the decade / century / millenium :cool:
  3. AV Vote

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    should we go with AV or stay as we are? how will the good folk of AO be voting?
  4. Lance's Vote

    South Africa
    Here you go
  5. Vote for me

    South Scotland
    This is a rather sheepish post since I haven't been participating in the forum much of late (rather busy trying to keep the business on the straight and narrow whilts trying to improve my photography). Anyway, I'd hate to think that I only post when I'm asking for something (er, like last...
  6. Vote for wagner x factor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Way Off Topic
    Last year was Rage Against the machine, this year is vote for Wagner! Imagine Simon Cowells face if Wagner was to win!! It would make a right mockery of this shitty get famous quick tv programe! PLEASE I BEG YOU VOTE FOR WAGNER!! :thumbs:You know it make sense :)
  7. Vote selespeed or manual?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I would choose a selespeed over a manual any day of the week no matter how many problems it gives, i've had soo many selespeeds but only a couple of manuals, its like your in a whole other car when your in a selespeed. Is the feeling mutual ??????? post your votes and why lol it must be...
  8. Give your vote to some classics

    South Africa
    Hi everyone, we've got a mixture of classic cars and loads of Alfas too ... come rate our classics: Rate this car: 1983 Morris Leyland Mini | My Classics
  9. should i vote in the proalfa photography competition?

    Poll Room
    should you vote in the proalfa photography competition? well, if yes here it is! *ps please vote for my 147:D*
  10. A vote of thanks

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    This is my first post on this forum and its a big thank you. I had the dreaded airbag light come on after going over some bumpy roads. I knew it was probably a connection somewhere, but where? After looking at the connections under the passenger seat and in the boot, I tried giving each of...
  11. Top Gear?? Vote Here!!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Which car manufacturer has made the most great cars? Jeremy wants our votes go to And get Alfa Romeo up there!... :thumbs:
  12. Vote yes for Tess

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    OK - I completely made a mess of that last attempt :o I think the MiTo forum needs it's own mod & think Tess would be perfect for the job - please vote 'yes for Tess' :D
  13. What colour is your MiTo? Vote NOW

    Alfa MiTo
    Click HERE to go to the poll. ********************************************************************************************* Results so far (260609): 1st - Alfa Red 31 2nd - Etna Black 21 3rd - Black 16 4th - Biancospino White 5 5th - Graphite Grey 4 6th - Giulietta Red...
  14. Auto Trader readers vote MiTo as coolest affordable car.

    Alfa MiTo
    Click Here That's put me in a good mood. Ok, so I don't own one yet, but at least this will shut up all my mates who say I'll be stupid to buy one!
  15. Need you to vote for Alfa

    General Alfa Discussion
    On Yahoo there is a poll for the greatest F1 car manufacturer. Alfa is on the list... You know what you have to do everyone. :D F1 | Formula 1 | F1 News | F1 Live - Yahoo! Eurosport UK
  16. Take a second to log just one important vote

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  17. Mosley Wins Vote Of Confidence

    International Motor Sport
    :( :rolleyes: Linky
  18. Vote For Mi.To Logo

    Alfa MiTo
    Here: - Alfa Romeo: a Brand at the cutting edge of design and technology The silver one that is currently ahead can't be allowed to win in my opinion. It's got to be the red one, so get voting! :thumbs:
  19. Vote For Your Favourite Tipple !

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    Beers - The good stuff like Theakstones Old Peculier, Abbot Ale, Marstons Pedigree, Batemans XXXB, Old Speckled Hen, basically any real ale. Wines - Biggest bottle for least money, works for me ! Spirits – Almost anything ! Liqueurs – Drambuie, Cointreau I feel that I have given you a very...
  20. Did you vote in bazza'a poll ??

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    Well, did you ?