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  1. Poll Room
    April detailing competition vote. So all of the great entries are in and it is now time to make your vote on the one that you think best deserves the win this month :) Really good to see a high number of participants this month :thumb: Follow the link bellow to refresh your memory on the...
  2. Poll Room
    Hey everyone. As the weather is starting to get a little better there has been a fair few out giving there bellas ( and non bellas) a good clean to make it look the best it can. This month there is a good number of eligible entries :) Follow the link bellow for a look at all the entries for...
  3. Poll Room
    Hey fellow alfa owners, Well another month has passed and some people have been battling the cold weather and taking the opportunity of the 5 minutes of sunshine to clean their beloved bellas:cool:. This month we have a head to head, To refresh your memory...
  4. Poll Room
    The second instalment of the monthly detailing competition is now at its time for the vote. well done to everyone that braved the cold to clean there beloved beautiful bellas and not let the salt and other road grime get them down, so get voting and lets see who our December winner is :)...
  5. Poll Room
    Hi everyone, Here is the poll for the November section of the monthly detailing competition. if you take a look over on the detailing section you can have a look at the entries for this month. so have a look and get voting...
  6. General Motoring Discussion
    Hours left to vote ....Win a Mercedes AMG GT and an Audi TT
  7. Poll Room
    From the "Do We Need Another War....." Thread in WOT.
  8. Alfa GTA
    Spacers Or Lowered
  9. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Pending Event Poll ......All comments welcome Many Thanks Stuart
  10. Poll Room
    On the back off GT Regional Meet 2014 thread raised by Tony can I ask all GT owners to kindly vote in this poll so that I and dtone (Tony) can get a fix on the level of interest in a...
  11. South Africa
    Thread can be found here Giulie, Stefaans and myself were nominated.......
  12. Poll Room
    Peeps, we are off with a single round of voting to elect the AlfaOwner Car of the Year 2013. I ask all nominees to post a few photos of their car in this thread and if they want, a bit of text to go with those photos. Please don’t spam the site with a zillion photos of your car and keep it cool...
  13. South Africa
    I think voting will start soon, if it has not started already? Eric, Stefaans and myself got nominated in our various categories for AO car of the year:cheese::eek: Giuli - GQV Eric - Guilia Stefaans - GTV :thumbs...
  14. Poll Room
    OK, If there was a snap election called tomorrow, who would you vote for? I have only put the three main parties in. All votes are of course 'Private' :)
  15. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Any votes for my Spider greatly appreciated.:mygrin1: Ta..! March 2012 Photo Competition
  16. General Alfa Discussion
    Just to say, a huge thank you to all at Alfa Technico. The Myth ( Mito 135) failed to start last night AA jump started it. This morning again would not start AA jumped it again , headed off to Alfa Technico , Craig had it serviced new battery fitted and turned round in @ 2 hours. Thank you...
  17. Poll Room
    Hi I recently had an old favourite dessert .. BAKED ALASKA ... so I though i'd ask which 70's pudding should be revived, updated and made popular again! Lets eat !
41-57 of 95 Results