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  1. who remembers the WHITE GT. found the old videos

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    who remembers the dreaded white Gt from 2014. i found the old pictures and videos on an old pc and thought its about time i did a youtube video on it. link in the video to the original thread on there.
  2. ive started doing some update videos on my 145 resto

    Alfa 145 & 146
    Im no professional you-tuber just fancied making a few videos on its progress. currently up to part 3.
  3. Alfa MiTo videos

    General Alfa Discussion
  4. New Videos and a scary camera moment

    General Alfa Discussion
    Evening Chappies - Just to say I've got a new toy, a Suction mount for a camcorder from and thought i'd show it off! Not sure if it was pilot error or the mount but unbeknown to me it had worked loose and started flapping around :eek: but managed to catch it before smashing...
  5. some good race videos

    Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    link Google Image Result for
  6. Alfa videos...

    General Alfa Discussion
    what about a race between Ferrari and Alfa Guilia???YouTube - Alfisti Track Day Serres 23-24/02/08
  7. Jay Leno's Garage - Videos of his collection

    General Alfa Discussion
    Great site with Jay disclosing his car collection, giving a talk about them and then talking them for a spin. Each vid is a 7 mins or so. Heard him mention Alfa a few times but haven't found the vid yet! Heres a link to the site and him enjoying his McLaren F1...... Jay Leno's Garage
  8. Problem with embedding Youtube videos.

    Announcements & Comments
    (Continued from the thread Saw a repeat of the 159 test on Top Gear, in a more appropriate place) I can't see any YouTube icon in any of the editor modes quick, normal or enhanced (the latter two being what the "advanced" button in quick mode gives you). Perhaps I'm missing the obvious? Oh...
  9. Fab Alfa Videos

    Motoring Images
    Hope you enjoy! The first one is a blinder, bit nostalgic though! German Touring Car Championship 1994 147 Tribute Video Alfa Meet in Hungary, 2006 156 GTA Challenge
  10. Ability to share videos for paid AO club members?

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    Just wondering if somebody could clarify what the following feature listed in the AO club benefits for Medio and Premio users actually refers to? "Ability To Share Videos Your ability to share videos from Google and You tube..." Cheers, TB
  11. Alfa Romeo's in music videos

    General Alfa Discussion
    Sarah Cracknell - Anymore Featured a Giulia 105 series:cool:
  12. Alfa Spider 2.4 JTDm 200hp: videos

    General Alfa Discussion
    Have fun :D Linky 1 Linky 2 Linky 3 Linky 4
  13. videos with alfa romeo

    General Alfa Discussion
    as i understud, at this time we can not upload videos on the server here,so how i ve been told i will put some links with some videos from our cars from alfaclub romania i will be happy to see also videos from all memebers of this forum,in here or if there is allready another topic ,excuse and...
  14. A Forum just for videos - IN PRODUCTION - but on hold

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    more and more youtube vids being posted and vids from other places, can't we have somewhere specific to put them so you know what your getting when you click a thread title a find just a link rather than a disscussion. discuss...
  15. Nurburgring videos

    Motoring Images
    A couple of videos from my last trip. Sorry its not an Alfa, but I have met a good few of you guys over there in the past. Being followed by a friend in his Subaru. 9 mins 12 seconds with a reasonable amount of traffic 9 mins 5...
  16. some more alfa related videos

    Motoring Images
    seeing as i haven't done one of these topics for a while;) this one sounds :cool: :cool: hey jack?:D
  17. Promotional videos

    General Alfa Discussion
    Nuova Alfa 156 Nuova Alfa 166 Alfa GT Alfa GTV / Spider (MK I)
  18. Videos or sounds of supersprint/novitec exhaust for GTA ?

    Alfa GTA
    Hi, I looked for video or sounds of GTA with supersprint or Novitec rear exhaust but I didn't find anything :confused: Is there someone here who can send me or post because I'm on the way to change my OEM by a supersprint or nvitec but I do not want to change the V6 alfa tone :tut: Thanks...
  19. daft videos

    Motoring Images
    just got a new video host which allows me to link direct ;) You've probably seen them already but here they are again as it's probably a year since I last posted them. My lasting memory of K.I.T.T. My 155 V6 that is now owned by Debs. I could live with the sound, but not the fuel comsumption...
  20. some videos for your viewing pleasure

    General Alfa Discussion drag at santa pod big rev a few vids of different alfa's many videos of many alfa's in gallery...