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  1. Lights and vibrations!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Anyone replaced a headlight bulb on a 156? Looks easy enough but it's always wise to ask before fiddling with anything Alfa! Also, got a vibration noise from the rear door or central pillar. Anyone got this particular rattle? Siro
  2. vibrations

    Alfa 155
    Hallo, recently I feel strange vibrations in my clutch-pedal when changing gear at about 5000rpm. What is going increassingly wrong? Dirk
  3. Strange Vibrations and it's not the wheels

    Alfa 155
    Helle,I own an Alfa 155 1.7 TS,I changed the 4 complete wheels,the shock absorbers,the rool-bearings of the 4 wheels,the left transmision,and half right transmision(half oposite the wheel),all the supports of the engine,but at 120/130, and 170/180 Km/h,it start to vibrating like the wheels are...