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  1. Bent Valves....The NU aren't gonna pay up! god damn it!!

    Alfa GTA
    got a call from Pete (the guy who messed up my car) saying he has had his engineers report in, i asked him to fax me a copy to work so i could take a look. he then said that he wanted me to pay for the damn thing!!!! i told him that he chose to defend himself that way so tough. He then tells me...
  2. My bent valves......the rollocoaster rides goes on!!!

    Alfa GTA
    You ain't gonna beleive this!!! Yesterday i had resigned myself to the fact that i was gonna have to pay the repair bill myself. But i got a call this afternoon from Pete's insurers (Norwich Union) asking for my side of the issue. I told him that due to me having sold my other car i had...
  3. My bent valves......the saga continues

    Alfa GTA
    I have finally had the report from Alfa Tecnico (who i have to say have been great!!) confirming that the bent valves on cylinders 2 and 5 was caused by the original garage incorectly setting up the timing. Total cost of repair comes to a shade over £1850. most of which is labour, but that's...