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  1. Eco Drift - mobile car wash & valet...

    Car Detailing
    Some people at work have arranged a "charity" event where these guys Eco Drift - Waterless car wash & valeting services UK. Car park hand car wash, Mobile valeting and fleet car cleaning services in Hampshire, Portsmouth, Hayling Island, Porchester, Fareham will be coming in and cleaning cars...
  2. Alfa 159 Idle & valet

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hi, my 2.0 JTDM 159 has an unstable idle on occasions. This mainly seems to happen when fuel level is below 1/4. I have replaced the diesel filter recently, made no difference. Also at the last service at my local Alfa fitted a new DPF sensor. Irregular idle problem re-occured the other day...
  3. Pre Winter Valet

    Car Detailing
    Just treated Mito to a pre winter valet ! Don't know what these guys use but it looks awesome and he aint polished it yet !!:wow:
  4. Valet and car detailing in Leicester

    General Motoring Discussion
    I'm picking up a 147 on Sunday and need to present it to Mrs Breakfast as a bargain. ( I have a car and two bikes already so explained this was a bargain). It is probably just a straight car and fair price but reckon a polish might get me out of the crap at home. I know where I'd take it on the...
  5. Good valet in Cork City?

    Republic of Ireland
    Hi, As per title, does anyone know of a good car valet in Cork? There was a good one on Tramore Rd, but am I right in saying he's not in business anymore? Ta,
  6. Free Autoglym Valet Case again

    Car Detailing
    If you subscribe to Car Magazine for a year ( cost £47.50) they will give you a free Autoglym Valet Case worth £45.99. Worth getting if you use the products anyway? Link:Cars website, car news & car reviews | First drives & car information | Car Magazine Online This is better than last years...
  7. Valet in Ipswich

    East Anglia
    Once the spring gets properly under way I was thinking of treating my car to a full valet. It's not normally something I'd do as I like to keep on top of things myself, but I find doing the interior tedious and it'd be good to get it all looking its best :) Do any of you have an...
  8. Excellent Valet Service

    Hi, Just wanted to let you all know about an excellent valet service i've been using for the past year, my Brera has not had a wash since well before Christmas and was looking a bit the worse for wear, combine this with the pretty drawings one of my neighbours children did on the bonnet and...
  9. Alfa Gt radio dead after valet?????

    ICE & Blue&Me
    Hi Guys hope you can help I had my alfa valeted and after collecting the vehickle the radio is dead does not switch on at all! I have checked all wiring and fuses which are fine is there a possability that while cleaning the dash some moisture got into the unit? I also removed the unit a week...
  10. Scratches after service valet ?

    Car Detailing
    Has anyone ever had problems with their cars being returned after main dealer servicing and valeting covered in light scratches (ie. only visible on close inspection) ? I won't go into too much detail about mine as the dealers are offering to polish it, so depending how that goes the problem...
  11. Autoglym Collection Valet Case

    Car Detailing
    Car Magazine are offering this free with an annual subscription. CAR Magazine | Car News, Car Reviews | Great Magazines UK First 5 issues are £1 each then £21 for 6 issues, total for 17 issues is around £47 and the Autoglym Kit sells for around £37 plus postage. It's the big kit with around 8...
  12. Valet disaster

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I decided to book the car into the illegal immigrant car wash today for an interior valet. Went for a pint of coke, and when i returned to the car the bonnet was up:confused: After some broken english conversation they thought they clean the engine bay for free!:) However this has screwed the...
  13. Valet Pro Citrus Bling on my MiTo

    Motoring Images
    The car wasnt washed/waxed for 2 weeks due to other commitments but all of a sudden the open day at N E Detailing i would be attending was upon me! It was the day of it and it started at 11, i was travelling down at 10 with a friend and it was 8am already! Quick hose down with PWasher, AG Aquwax...
  14. Valet Pro Citrus Bling!

    Alfa MiTo
    I went to an Openday yesterday and managed to try some of this stuff in its neat form as a spray on wax and have to say its bloody awesome! Bare in mind its been 2 weeks since the car was washed and waxed with Poorboys products. I took it to my local jetwash as it was 7.30 in the morning and my...
  15. Valet

    South East
    Can anyone recommend a Valet service in the Herts/North London area? I'd rather use somewhere that comes recommended. Cheers
  16. Home Valet

    Alfa MiTo
    Having read the looooong car washing thread i was wondering about home valet services as i dont have the time to spend hours washing the car now. Has anyone used any of these, and what was the service like?
  17. Before and After the valet!!!

    Motoring Images
    This morning I dropped the car off at the valet, after doing a good jobbie on my dad's red 156 V6, I decided to get the 147 down there as well... here's some before and after pics, although you cannot really see that it was dirrrrty in the before...coz I keep it clean! :thumbs:
  18. valet

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    :confused: so, heading to the scottish italian car owners bash today in st andrews. decided to take the gtv for a 40 quid valet. 3 hours later, picked it up. polished interior trims look great, but had to re-clean all the windows, which were manky (and now ultra-streaky) on the inside. then...
  19. What's your valet ritual?

    General Alfa Discussion
    As some of you may know, I'm new to the Alfa circle. As well as a passion for driving it round corners in a spirited manner, I'm also really keen to try and keep it tip top and am looking to try and suss the best cleaning products/tips that you guys have tucked away. I'm not looking to keep...
  20. The 28 Euro Valet

    Motoring Images
    First time i have ever paid anybody to wash and clean my car. To be honest i wasnt expecting much for 28 euro, but i am happy to say i am very very happy with the results and may now make this a monthly arrangement!! I should mention that it was done by Crystal Clean in the Mahon Point Shopping...