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  1. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Hello all, We’ve recently welcomed a lovely Brera V6S into our (currently!) ever-growing fleet. It joins my daily Impreza, a couple of track toys, and a Porsche 996 it’ll ultimately replace. Our driveway is getting a bit full! Collected a few weeks ago from Alfa Aid in Maidenhead. I’ve managed...
  2. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    £4k to £10k
  3. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Well this is awkward, after all the hunting the enjoying and the mild mods, I find myself changing job (in a couple of months) and having to drive MANY more miles, such that my black beauty simply doesnt stack up, it'd be a crime to turn into some kind of workhorse.... So feelers out... 58'...
  4. General Alfa Discussion
    A few years ago I wrote the thread below, musing about a brief stint in an old 156 V6 which I had as a courtesy car for a week. I just re-read it and it was quite interesting to note that...
  5. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I am thinking of going for a GTV. I am looking for one that is fairly sorted with a Q2 etc. Cup kit would be nice. I know Clive has a few extremely nice examples but just seeing if there are any members thinking of selling up. :thumbs: One stipulation is it has to be a 99 or older. (classic...
  6. Motoring Images
    Here's a pic I snapped today after taking them both out for a run between rain showers. Can't wait for Spring to come!
  7. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Been looking to buy a 156 V6 for a while now (regular visitor to Autotrader, Pistonheads, Veloces, eBay, etc websites). Should I broaden my search to other sources? There are cars out there for sale, so it feels like I'm being too picky. Anyone had the same experience?
  8. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Having hunted for ages for a local v6 and recently found one in London, suddenly there are 2 for sale nearby. 1st one looks a possible good deal.
  9. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Sorry! i keep posting question after question but as its taking me a whille to find the right car im thinking alot and i want to make sure i buy the right one. We have 3k to spend, started off wanting a V6 and test drove two but the more i thought about it i got scared off by the MPG. Then i...
  10. General Alfa Discussion
    .. and to be sold in Australia :cry: Wonder where Alfa got the 3.2 engines from, as they have been un-orderable in the UK as out-of-production for a while now..
  11. Tuning & Upgrades
    A mate of mine is looking to change his Audi A3 2.0 for something a little more exciting. He mentioned 147 GTAs so I have been encouraging him with tasty sound clips from You Tube. The trouble is all this is stirring my interest again too. I love the sound and potency of the GT V6 and the...
  12. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all, new on here and currently looking for a GTV V6. The following two have caught my eye, just wondered if anyone knew the cars? The first is this one, the car is listed on Ebay and also Pistonheads. Looks nice spec and a good price for an early car. The guy is an AROC member (which must...
  13. Motoring Images
    1. Alfa Romeo 156 2,5 V6 24V 1998 cosmo blue metallic with black leather, sportpacket 3, 16" wheels, xenon, cadamuro bonnet and music SAL 2. Alfa Romeo 166 2,0 V6 Turbo 1998 ontario blue metallic with tan leather 17" wheels and navi 3. Alfa Romeo 156 2,5 V6 24V 1998 rosso proteo...
  14. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    This month's mag. Everyday performance car of the years. Scores high, loads of positive comments and beats the Scirocco by 2 places:cool: They also test the Awsome Alfa 8c:wow:
  15. Engines (TS, JTS, JTD & V6)
    A while ago Alfa mentioned they were going to produce a new (Italian!) V6 as they / their customers were not completely satisfied with the Holden based V6. Word on the street was that the new engine was going be a 3.0 or a 3.5. Both with 100bhp/liter power output. Due to future emission...
  16. Tuning & Upgrades
    I would like to drop (sounds easy when I put it like that) a 3.2 GTA V6 into my 1986 series 3 GTV6. I already have the donor GTA. Obviously putting the newer transverse 24V unit in is going to take some work. i would like to do the work without changing the actual car itself in anyway - no...
  17. General Alfa Discussion
    just found out alfa v6s are all ali? Even the block! is that true? even the ones in the 155 and 156s?
  18. General Alfa Discussion
    Just a little clip, so we won't forget what proper V6s sound like: Click here (5.62 Mb)
1-19 of 19 Results