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  1. Smurf Utility Vehicle

    Alfa Stelvio
    Time for more photos.
  2. 159 SW Utility Pack - whats included?

    General Alfa Discussion
    I'm wondering whats in the utility pack. From what i've read theres a netting and the bootliner. Anything else? Does anyone have pictures to share? In Singapore, the local agent doesn't even offer this as an option, so i'm wondering whats in it. If anyone whats to sell theirs (as a pack or...
  3. looking for a bargain alfa? another alfa search utility

    General Alfa Discussion
    i have been looking on this site just type alfa in the search, loads on there at the mo:cool:
  4. 159 Sportwagon Utility Pack

    General Alfa Discussion
    As you all know Ihave one of these on order. It is finally in the UK and should be with me in 14 days hooray. : I have ordered the utility pack I presume this does not include a bootliner. I found this on the internet what do you think...