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  1. Alfa Giulietta
    Hi all Ive recently brought my Guilietta and when i plugged my Ipod in through the usb port it was working perfectly but now its only plays every now and then, the car recongises the usb but the screen says device unplayable. was woundering if anyone has a soulution to this that could help me...
  2. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Can anyone give me pointers in fitting this box ive removed radio but cannot find where ican place the cable into glove box
  3. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello guys, this is my first "real" post (the first one was just the introduction post) and I'm still getting used to the messy layout on this forum so please redirect me to the right place to post this question if this is the wrong place (I don't know if it's okay to ask this question in the...
  4. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    I've just bought a 159 and the navigation won't work without a USB containing maps, where can I get this from?
  5. Alfa Giulietta
    Blue & Me... we hate each other.. the USB thing does not charge anymore suddenly.(with and without blue & me iphone adapter) I hear the connect chime sound but it no longer charges? Can't find what might be wrong as it makes a connection I don't suspect a plug, right? It used to work (you...
  6. ICE & Blue&Me
    Help with Blue&Me USB OK, so I only had the Giulietta a couple of weeks, but already I am seeing some weird behaviour from the Blue&ME aspect of my Head Unit... 1) It seems to start at Artists beginning with M when I insert a new USB stick 2) I can't navigate the folders I have created on the...
  7. Alfa MiTo
    Hi, I'm now 3 days into my ownership of my 2012 MiTo and so far so good. 1st long drive this morning, early start so not much on the radio... I put a USB stick of music into the port on the centre console and all was well, but I need to manually forward to the next track - otherwise the...
  8. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I've seen some threads about this over the years on here, has anyone managed to add something like this to the existing lighter power source, or would it require an additional feed to the fues box? Any experience with this? ...
  9. Alfa Giulia
    On another thread there has been a little back and forth side discussion about the size of USB stick people are using in their cars for media. The handbook says 64gb but someone has got 128gb to work too. Well, I've just finished converting close to a thousand CDs into FLAC format and they...
  10. Alfa Giulia
    I see on the USA Giulia forum that the Ipod classic support is very much broken I assume this is the case with UK cars too? Bit annoyed about this. I know its a bit old school these days, but i was hoping to use my 160GB ipod classic with my Giulia thats on order. The reason is that i have...
  11. Alfa Giulietta
    Hi all, I’m having a minor but rather annoying problem with the media system in my 2011 Giulietta. I listen to music through the Spotify app connected by a USB cable, however, when I try to skip to the next track it always goes back to the first track I listened to after getting in the car...
  12. ICE & Blue&Me
    Basically I have installed this head unit. tried to mirrorlink via USB using a proper pioneer cable and a usb c cable to samsung s8+ the head unit charges the phone but says USB incompatible... anyone else had this issue?
  13. Alfa MiTo
    Hi all, two problems with my Mito: 1 - Ever since I replaced a fuse, the USB and whole Bluetooth system is dead. My independent Alfa Specialist garage says he it needs a code from Alfa to reset this. Since I replaced the fuse, the mileometer flashes too, which is annoying! 2 - I am now on my...
  14. Alfa Giulietta
    Morning all. Has anyone taken the cigerette lighter out and changed it for a usb port? If so how did you go about it
  15. Alfa MiTo
    Hi everyone, I am doing an aftermarket upgrade and I am unsure of these two connection on the original unit. Please see photos. Which one is the aerial? What is the other connection for? Thanks Oscar
  16. Alfa Giulietta
    After a period of not working my usb pendrive starts up on its own when the car strts. it plays for random periods then switches to the radio, occasionally it switches back again. I f I try to switch to the aux selection it does not work and the display stays at Aux. Any ideas?
  17. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Hi Guys I've just got myself a 159 1.9 JTDM, (Prettiest car I've ever had)The manual says the USB port is in the Glove Box but it's definitely not? Any ideas? I'd like to play music of my usb drive as I don't have a cd changer. Thanks in advance Mike
  18. The Technology Section
    Hi, Wondering if anyone has come across Checkpoint Endpoint Security USB encryption before. I've been given a corrupted encrypted USB drive by a friend who's corporate IT team are refusing to help recover the data from. From what I can gather the drive is partitioned into 2. One 4MB partition...
  19. ICE & Blue&Me
    hi guys im having trouble connecting mes with my 1.9 159. i tried some versions of the software and results are all unreliable ecu connection or failed to connect to ecu. im managed to connect it in the past with bluetooth dongle, wich i lost. now i try with bluetooth and always cant connect...
  20. The Technology Section
    I have a kit: USB power bank (2,000 mAh) which I had used to charge my mobile (Lumia 550) when away from home. I liked the fact that it was quite small (about the size of a large lipstick) and fitted in my pocket. However the charging port, which is a mini/micro USB, is now kaput, so it's time...
21-40 of 323 Results