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  1. Why do URL links have colour in them

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    Just look in my sig. Its green and red i think.
  2. Forum URL - links in - FIXED

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    Just a quicky, and a bit of a technical naughty, but in the past links to jumped straight into the forum (bypassing the main site), but now that just 404's. Whereas linking to works, now the only difference is the case of the 'F'...
  3. alfa pic url needed PDQ

    General Alfa Discussion
    pls, i used to check out some alfa pics on another alfa website; it showed all models by category (new and old) and most of the cars were modded/lowered etc. it has some lovelt gtv6 on it - i thionk it was a site in holland - really need the URL to show to a mate, but i have lost it from my...