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  1. Just tried out my uploading skills,

    Motoring Images
    Hey all Thought I'd go for a drive this morning in the fog:rolleyes: I've never uploaded before so I'm just giving it a try, took the pics this morning, seen a couple of nice AR's and got my first wave:D Paul
  2. Uploading Images, Help Possibly Required

    Motoring Images
    Hey guys, Just trying to test the image uploading possibilities, I can do the thumbnails but haven't tried anything else yet, so here goes. If it all goes **** up I may require some assistance and advice, lol Cheers, Darren
  3. help uploading pics

    Announcements & Comments
    could someone tell me how to put pictures of my alfa on this forum, it says i'm not registered?
  4. Uploading Images Problem - FIXED

    Announcements & Comments
    If this is a known problem please feel free to delete this thread. I'm having problems attaching images to threads. It says, for example, I'm using 3.00mb. So I delete some historical attachments, therefore reducing to say 2.9mb, but it reports I've exceeded my allocation by that very figure...
  5. Uploading avatar problem

    Announcements & Comments
    I'm trying to upload an avatar from my computuer. I've browsed the file path and keep getting invalid file message. JPG image 100 x 100 3kb Help please
  6. Uploading photos

    General Alfa Discussion
    Can anyone tell me how I put photos in a gallery? Tried looking for instructions on the site but can't find any about photos
  7. uploading my pics

    Introduce Yourself
    hi folkies, being a newbie, im trying to upload my pics for ya"ll ta see, AO keeps coming back sayin my files are to big, but no mater what i am doing ,i cant seem to downsize my pics, mabey im tired , mabey im stupid, but i am getin frustrated :mad: