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  1. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Hello all! After my battery died at winter, car feels a bit lumpy. My car has "tomfile" software in, and i was just wondering is it possible that ecu reset deletes this software? I have this optimized file in usb drive, but how do i flash it into ecu through OBD? What software i need to use...
  2. ICE & Blue&Me
    I'm planning a trip to Wales and want to create my own route. In the past I have used a tool called tyre to generate an .itn file and uploaded it onto a TomTom. I want to do the same with my pioneer avic F900. Could anyone tell me if it's possible and what file type I should be using. I would...
  3. South Africa
    There are two options, firstly you can create a photo bucket account, upload the photos there and copy and paste the html link and post it to your relevant post. Link Register for free at Alternatively you can upload via attachment directly in your post. At the botton of new...
  4. General Alfa Discussion
    Hi, as per title, i need to upload pics from my laptop and then onto a thread and can't remember how to do:cry: Can one of you good people tell me idiot stylee, please! Regards, ER.
  5. South Africa
    Anyone know the fix? Asseblief.
  6. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    does anyone know why the picture upload has stopped working? its the same size and type as i always use but now says invalid file type!! help !!:mad:
  7. Alfa 164 & 166
    Well, we had a decent sunny day last weekend, so I got my "new" 164 out and gave it a wee wash and took a few piccies of it. I then thought I might share them with all me mates on the 164 board... ...(OK, I just thought I'd post them anyway)! Still plenty of jobs left to do but getting...
  8. ICE & Blue&Me
    hy.i have buy 2 week before alfa romeo 166 from italy.the gps from the car is not working,i thing because i dont have the map for my country(romania).where can i find the map end how do i upload in too the gps?second question is do i connect my phone whit the car phone? the car is 2.0 l...
  9. ICE & Blue&Me
    Hi, its been a while but I'm back and in a new Alfa :cheese: - new 159 LE, looks the mutts and will hopefully be a bit more reliable than my old 166, anyway I'm slowly getting used to things again - such as great looks and mad windscreen wipers, something both had/have! Anyway, reading a couple...
  10. General Alfa Discussion
    I cant seem to upload pictures for my Signature. Have tried everything. It also says in the "Additional Rules" that "Can Upload Images for Signature No" - How can I change this ?
  11. General Alfa Discussion
    I cant upload any photos to this site. Is anyone else having the same issues. Have tried uploading Jpg files the same as Ive always done with every different variation / combination i can find but I get "invalid file" all the time.
  12. General Alfa Discussion
    hi can somebody help me please . im newish to the site . i would like to put a profile picture on .avator i think , like a photo of my car but the details say it must be 100 by 100 pixels , by photo`s are very much larger than that . also want to upload photo`s onto my gallery but file size...
  13. Motoring Images
    Stanford Hall 08 Please let me know if it opens so i'm doing this upload thang right!
  14. Announcements & Comments
    I am trying to upload photos of my new 156 to the gallery. One of the photos is "bigger" than it should be and I am prompted it will not load. The rest I am told have been uploaded but then nothing happens. I have searced the gallery and they are nowhere to be found. Also how do I post photos...
  15. Announcements & Comments
    Not seen it display like this before, it is intended? Cheers Jack
  16. General Alfa Discussion
    Hi, I'm newish to the forum and last night tried to upload some photos for the first time. Unfortunately the files were too large and didn't upload. There are six pics varying in size between 400kb and 700kb, so don't seem very large. It looks like I'm missing something - help please. :confused:
  17. Announcements & Comments
    Ive been trying to upload a picture and attach it to a message but I constantly get Upload Failed. Ive read other threads that have mentioned the same in the hope it is a local security setting that I have wrong but I dont see anything. There are a couple of threads shown as fixed but it looks...
  18. Announcements & Comments
    can someone tell me how to upload or attach a wave file to a post on here, is there some site out there that i can upload them to? photobucket doesnt seem to let me and ao doesnt know what a wav file is lol got a lovely clippet of my car running right for ya all!
  19. Announcements & Comments
    Hi Im a new user. I can't upload images to the forum - even to set a new avatar. the dialog box for upload comes up - but it always results in "upload Failed" The images I have tried are JPG format and about 50kb. Any ideas? jimn
  20. Motoring Images
    Hi. I took some new pictures of my freshly washed beauty this morning with my SE 750i mobile cameraphone. The pictures are around 450-500 KB in size & hence will not upload to the gallery:( There is no extra background showing as I've focused in as tight as possible on the car. I'm no...
1-20 of 25 Results