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  1. UAE - Alfa owners/meetings/drives

    United Arab Emirates
    Dear All, Once again as we are starting a New Year, I thought I would write and see if anyone from the UAE is interested in meeting up for a drive etc? There is also an UAE Whatsapp Group that I have asked all members to come to this Forum, so it would indeed be very nice to see some posts...
  2. Sold my car on UAE WeBuyAnyCar site

    General Motoring Discussion
    I just sold my Ford Explorer on the UAE site for guaranteed car buying. Over here it is confusingly called "We Sell Any Car dot com" but actually they buy. It was incredibly simple and very good value. First of all you enter your car reg into their website and they give you a valuation. In my...
  3. Only in the UAE....

    General Motoring Discussion
    Yes, that's right. A Police Roller... Abu Dhabi Police add Rolls-Royce Phantom to fleet | The National :rolleyes:
  4. New look for my alfa gt 3.2 in uae

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    New look for my alfa gt 3.2 in uae;););););)
  5. new wheels from novitic for my alfa romeo gt 3.2 in UAE

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
  6. my alfa GT IN UAE

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I hope u like my car
  7. Maserati Meet in the UAE

    Motoring Images
    Enjoy :D
  8. Hi from Dubai, UAE

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi, My name is Naveed. Purchased a 159 3.2 V6 Ti thought I'd join the forum to integrate into the Alfa Community. Some pics enjoy :inlove: Looking forward to meeting fellow owners from Dubai.. Thanks, Naveed Mushtaq
  9. Alfa Romeo and UAE

    Alfa Giulietta
    So, is there a dealer network in the UAE? Well, network is probably too big a word, but are there any dealers where a Giulietta could be serviced in the Emirates? Anyone?
  10. Parts in UAE

    United Arab Emirates
    Hi all Next week i've business trip to Dubai, and i want to buy some parts for my Alfa GT 2.0 JTS. I'm looking for Selenia 10W60 oil and Chrome mirror covers. Can any one suggest me a shop which can help me with that? Thanks in advance
  11. Export our MiTo from Italy to the UAE?

    Alfa MiTo
    Hello all. I currently live in Italy and own a MiTo 1.4T 155CV. (Italian purchase & spec.) Love it. We are moving to the UAE and would like to take our MiTo with us. Form a technical point of view, will it be OK there? What about radiator size, a/c power?, air filters (sand), fuel type. All...
  12. UAE 40th National Day

    United Arab Emirates
    Hi to all on UAE’s 40th National Day. :) I was first here in the 1960’s with the British military, based in Sharjah, followed by a few brief visits in the mid- 1970’s whilst working with Bristow Helicopters. This time around I’ve been here full time since January 1995 with Abu Dhabi...
  13. Meeting fellow UAE Alfa drivers

    United Arab Emirates
    Hi All, Im new to the site... moved from New York to Dubai and just purchased my First Alfa (159 JTS ) would like to meet some fellow Alfa drivers and join a club or start one if there isnt one available. How about we organize a meet and greet if people don't already know each-other.. otherwise...
  14. Newbie to UAE

    United Arab Emirates
    Hello all, I'm moving to UAE in the next couple of weeks. I'm not bringing my GTA as I'm not sure on a few things....... 1) It will stand up to all of the sand!? 2) I can find any specialist to work on it as I only trust AutoLusso in the UK!! 3) Are there any specialists and are there any...
  15. Is a 147 up to the job in UAE?

    United Arab Emirates
    Hello All, It is looking very likely I will be returning to Dubai after having lived there for three years in the late 90's. I currently travel to the UAE a lot for work having just returned a few days back. I have owned a few alfas during my time - including 79 GTV, Alfa 33 and currently a...
  16. Joy Ride in UAE?

    United Arab Emirates
    :cool: are there any plans for all Alfa's riders to have a joyride - sort of picnic for this summer? im a new member of this group so i wanna meet new friends.. please let me know if there is meetings or gatherings and if i have no work, i'll surely come.
  17. Alfa Romeo Garage/Service Stations in the UAE

    United Arab Emirates
    Hi All, Just thought of aggregating the options available for servicing our cars in the UAE. Please correct the information: Name: Gargash Middle East (Main Dealer) Services: All Contact: 04 3400501 (Workshop number) Location: Dubai Gold and Diamond market, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai Telephone...
  18. Anyone with an Alfa 159 in the UAE?

    United Arab Emirates
    Hi All, I'm thinking of changing my Audi A4 for an Alfa 159 3.2 Q4, if the dealer has any left. Has anyone got a 159 and how has their experience been? Alfa's seem quite expensive here compared to Europe!!
  19. New to Alfa and the UAE

    United Arab Emirates
    Hello, I've been in the UAE for about 3 months now (specifically Al Ain where I work at the airport). I bought a 2000 166 3litre 24v about 6 weeks ago and am just getting used to my first Italian car after running Rovers and Jaguars in the UK for the last six years or so. It's got quite a few...
  20. Greetings from the UAE

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello from Abu Dhabi. I'm a British ex-pat who's just started a new job in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, where I work as a flight simulator instructor at a commercial flying school (training pilots for Etihad airlines amongst others). I've just put down a deposit on a 2000 model 166 3 litre 24v. 85,000...