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  1. Hi from İzmir Turkey

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everybody, I am an Alfa Romeo Mito owner from İzmir, Turkey. I have been reading some topics from this forum time to time. Today, I thought that it is time to be a member. My Mito is a 155hp Tjet one, it is both a daily driver & a track car for me. I will get on the details about that in...
  2. Hi from Turkey

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    Dear alfa name is mehmet.i am 38 years old and live in Turkey.i am an aircraft engine mechanic. For 2 weeks, i have a 2014 distictive giulietta 1.6 jtd. I am happy to join your club :) LG-D855 cihazımdan Tapatalk kullanılarak gönderildi
  3. 147 jtd mini project from Turkey

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Hi first of all. I wrote about these and asked you guys before about the tuning capabilities of this engine. There was a two slight approach I have seen. Bigger turbo needs big efforts (new air intake, maybe fmic etc.) but kinda smaller one will be live even from the old effective interval. So...
  4. Alfa Romeo 159 From Turkey

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all From Turkey, my Name is Ugur Alp. I'm a mechanical engineering student(3rd grade). This is my 159. (Im 3rd owner) 2007 (prog.) 189.000 km Carbon Black Everything is original except DPF (I delete it :) ) Extras: Carbon Mirror Cover Exhaust 17" Original Alloy rims. Black console. Leather...
  5. Hi from Turkey with a 2011 GQV

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi All, I've just joined the clan with a 2011 GQV. I absolutely love the car. BR, CY
  6. Hi from turkey, 147 q2 owner

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I had a lot to ask you all people around . I'm really glad that i joined this community. Does anyone use this thing? and this one (I'm kinda disappointed of gear throws and its shifting performance)...
  7. Q2 owner from Turkey

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone. I registered forum when I bought my car, but forgot to login till today. Nearly 7 months passed with my car and I'm so glad I have it. From the moment I get the car what I did: -Changing of front and rear emblems, -Rear chrome bar , -Changing of front upper wishbones and links...
  8. 1998 166 3.0 V6 24V from Turkey

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi friends, My second Alfa Romeo car.It's first 2001 model 156 2.0 TS. Enjoyable ride for everyone :)
  9. Hello from Turkey

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone :) Bought a 147 1.9 jtd Q2 2009 model year 3 weeks ago. Joining a great family like you makes me feel really good. It's my first car and I want alfa romeo to be my only brand that I will buy. Everything about car is really enjoyable but I have some questions :) Want to learn...
  10. a new MiTo Story from Izmir, Turkey

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all Alfa lovers, I owned a used 2012 1.3 95 hp Mito a month ago. Although I've been a member of the forum for more than 2 years, I am introducing myself now, sorry for that. Having used 1.3 G.Punto and 1.6 Lancia Delta before, I've completed a famous Italian trio (Fiat-Lancia-Alfa) now...
  11. What about this bodykit ?

    Alfa Giulietta
    Did you like it..
  12. Greetings From Turkey

    Introduce Yourself
    hello for everybody my name is arda,ım from turkey(istanbul) :D I have a gtv v6 tb nuvola blue(ı'm really proud of my car and especially her color :p ı've just joint yet..of course ı heard this site before and ı think ı red a lot of things from here when ı was searching information about my car...
  13. 'Turkey noise' 16v 1.9 JTD

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi fella's, I have a noise ( sometimes) on my new 156 that sounds like this: Astra vxr turkey noise - YouTube Now It would appear to be a dump valve from what I'm reading? Now I need to check this up but as far as I'm aware its had a lot of things tried on it already(by a reputable alfa...
  14. Hi everyone from Turkey

    Introduce Yourself
    hıı my name is mustafa and from Turkey/İstanbul.33 years. I have a mk1 2.0 ts 156.very hard to find high-engines here.the largest engine 2.5. There are very few of them. I am a member of's site. Thank you to everyone for shares that are already useful My English is not very...
  15. hi from Turkey

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone, I'm from Turkey. I own a MiTo 135hp with TCT transmission. I wish i will learn sth from this site and meet with new friends:):thumbs: ooh btw, my name is Arda and im a student at sabanci university. im 19 years old
  16. Hello from Turkey

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    My name is Berk and I am from Turkey/İstanbul. I bought a new 2012 diesel Giulietta last week and I saw this forum today. Hi to everyone.. :)
  17. Giulietta newbie from Turkey!

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    Hello Guys, Here I post from Turkey where, especially, Alfa 156 contirubted to create an incredible Alfa culture. It has been only few days since I have taken delivery of my beautiful red Giulietta and it is my first Alfa. Nevertheless, as a former A3 and Civic owner (both of which have its...
  18. Alfistis from Turkey

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi all, Cars: 1994 155Q4 1994 33 1.7 16V 1990 164 V6 3.0 1990 75 Turbo America Ex Cars: 1991 75 1.8ie 1996 155 Q4 1999 166 V6 2.5 24V Sportronic 1991 75 2.0 TS 1995 155 2.0TS 1984 Giulietta 2.0 1982 Alfetta GTV 1984 Alfasud 1.7 1994 33 1.7 16V 1996 145 1.7 16V 1998 146 1.6 TS 1999 156 2.0 TS...
  19. Hello from Turkey..

    Introduce Yourself
    Hi everybody. I have just ordered Giulietta 170MA with sport pack 18" wheels. Bose Sound System, Red Brake callipers, Bi-xenon headligts, automatic folding mirrors, Blue&Me, Sensor pack, white exterior and venere red leather interior, my options are. I am going to wait 1 more month to ride it...
  20. 155's In Turkey

    Alfa 155
    Alfa romeo 155 ?lanlar? -