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  1. South Central
    It's all in the title
  2. South East
    I haven't seen a tunnel run organised for a while. Are they still going on or ('scuse the pun) have they gone underground like PH's did? :(
  3. Alfa GTA
    hi guys i am going to my first tunnel run in bristol hoping to do the london one with pher`s at chrimbo if i get the invite :cool: does anyone wanna join us if so this you will need to get your name put on the list Tunnel Run?
  4. Alfa MiTo
    Here we go i finally got a video its not very long or good sound quality but you get the idea . you can hear the turbo dump quiet nicely . I didnt want go speeding through the tunnel as there was signs flashing up about a crash so i kept it under control despite the temptations of the empty...
  5. West Midlands
    Right guys we've talked about this :) let's do it. I was out in brum last week - did my first batch of tunnels in the GTA - foooook me :wow::wow:
  6. South Central
    Not sure if this applies to the AOSE region more than us (or whether this has crossed anyone's mind already) but pretty soon, we might just have the perfect venue for a big, bad tunnel run - next year the A3 Hindhead Tunnel opens - 1.2 miles of twin bored, toll-free, underground dual carriageway...
  7. Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Yesterday, after shampooing and conditioning the V6's seats, I took it for a run through some of Sydney's tunnels. I still do not know what after-market exhaust was fitted to the car before I bought it but all I can say is it makes a lovely noise through tunnels in the right gear and at the...
  8. South East
    Who's with me!!!!! :cool: Yes Ladies and Gents, it is that time again. I'm running the next tunnel run on 7th May Limited strictly to 30 cars.
  9. General Alfa Discussion
    I never ever thought I'd have to use the ski tunnel on the GT :( But today I got the chance :) I had to transport a rather nice 1930's Tiffany standard lamp from Rossendale to Ormskirk, so off comes the shade and the lamp fitted lovely without having to drop the rear seats :thumbs: BTW the...
  10. South West
    Hi all There is a Tunnel run in London on Friday night (see the South East forum) anyone going from Gloucestershire area? I will be leaving Cheltenham around 8, through Oxford, if anyone else is going a similar route then let me know. Cheers :thumbs:
  11. South East
    It's that time again. Maximum 30 cars. Joe 10.30pm meet for a 11pm start.
  12. South East
    Guys I am organising a tunnel run Sunday morning early to then head onto epsom for the world record event. Meeting at the Royal Albert Hall at 6.30am on Sunday. Route will be posted up this evening. 25 spaces only.
  13. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Went to Birmingham last night for a spot of dinner. Remembered that there are a few tunnels in the city centre area of 18:00 the traffic was rubbish so no joy then.....but after dinner and close to 10:30pm windows down and all three tunnels of the Queensway were echoing the V6...
  14. South East
    This event has been cancelled due to dangerous driving conditions.
  15. South East
    Will be happening soon. Watch this space :D
  16. Meets & Events Images
    Was a bit disappointed as didn't get to see many fireworks, but the sound of the ALFAs made up for it. Great night . Here are some piccies.. Not many and not best quality. At Thurrock The second meet point at Westferry circus ..
  17. South Central
    Been trying to get out on a Tunnel run, but they are just too far away! I wanted to go to the one on Friday night but I'd use a tank just getting there! Would there be much call for one in this area? And more to the point can we find any tunnels?!
  18. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Think I'm gonna be able to make this. Any other GTV drivers fancy it?
  19. South East
    Friday 6th November Fireworks and Alfas! Should be an awesome night. Meeting at Thurrock Services at 10.30PM. Aim for 10PM to get there in time!! Any questions or specific requests please call. Save my number for contact on the night. Joe 07779 636048 THE ROUTE...
  20. South East
    So who's interested in a tunnel run for the beginning of November.