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  1. My wife's confession....the truth is out. :(

    General Alfa Discussion
    Anne sat me down today and 'fessed up.....I suspected it all along but she didn't have the heart to tell me....she said it might come as a shock to me...but all good things have to come to an end. :( She prefers my 156 to her 159 !!! It took her 2 years...I knew it after a few weeks. She says...
  2. Any truth to this for SA,Stelvio Veloce?

    South Africa
    Howzit Guys Any truth to this article for SA market? 350hp Stelvio Veloce says LHD though...based off the FCA 2.0 hurricane motor Thanks
  3. Giulia mpg improving with time: Myth or Truth?

    Alfa Giulia
    Dear fellow Alfists, In my previous post called “Giulia D.N.A and mpg: THE TRUTH”, we established that there were clear differences in mpg when using the different D.N.A. settings. We also confirmed that the Alfa Romeo official figures of mpg where nowhere near the actual figures (yeah yeah I...
  4. Giulia D.N.A and mpg: THE TRUTH

    Alfa Giulia
    My Giulia 2.2 Diesel has now 800 miles. After reading contradictory reports on how the selection of a D.N.A. setting affects your mpg, I am now in the process of testing it for myself... and for your curiosity! Methodolody: :teacher: 88 miles journey for each test 80% Motorway, 20% town and...
  5. Borderline Bias/ economy of truth?

    General Alfa Discussion
    From AutoExpre** on buying a second hand Alfa I am confused. *adopts clarkson voice* I've been in a an "german" car. It reeks of putrid soulnesslessness. It squeaked and rattled to the point that the makers of WD40 took out an injunction: even they were afraid. *ends clarkson voice* And...
  6. Now I know the truth.

    General Alfa Discussion
    Folks, I avoided Alfas for 40 years, by reputation. On my decent pension I can now afford the possible repairs. The 147 TS Lusso is a dream. Light, accurate, steering. Light clutch, smooth gearbox, TS engine revs lovely above 4000 rpm. The chassis is stable and tight in the twisties. Plenty...
  7. C'était un rendez-vous - the truth

    General Motoring Discussion
    I know we all know that the car used to capture the driving footage in C'était un rendezvous, wasn't a Ferrari. Here's a fascinating video with Claude Lelouche that retraces the route in order to explain how the video was created. It's pretty interesting: C'était un rendez-vous - Lelouch -...
  8. Truth that Irish people

    Republic of Ireland
    Do talk an awful lot. We are one of the highest post counts for regions on the site. Alfa Romeo Meets & Events - Alfa Romeo Forum Proof that we talk an awful lot :D Now onto more talking and posting :D
  9. Alfa MPG computer finally tells the truth!

    Alfa GTA
    I was low on fuel so crept up to the station using as little as possible. Fill it to the brim, and this is what my computer says I'll get off a tank! It started off lower, but took me a while to get phone out in traffic for a cheeky snap :eek:
  10. Speed and Fuel consumption - an inconvenient truth

    General Alfa Discussion
    OK, been away for 3-4 days. Tanked the Spider before departure and refilled after a record breaking 435 miles on the trip :eek: For the outbound trip I adopted the "Drive like a hoo-ha!" approach, 60-65 on motorways steady through the gears etc etc. The result - an all time epic fuel...
  11. The truth about 156 spare wheels.

    South Africa
    For the last 3 months I went on a mission to find a spare wheel for my car. Tried scrapyards, AK Spares, tyre shops etc, but nobody had a that elusive 'space saver UFO wheel' without success. Somewhere the idea crossed my mind that a polo shares it's 5/100 PCD size with Alfa Romeo, and I...
  12. this ecu reset is there any truth in it ?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    hi keep hearing about this ecu reset when i had a word with someone i know who knows his car etc he laughed at me and said that ecu learns as it goes along with all the sensors telling it what to do etc so meaning that there is no need for such a thing as reset etc .. hey this is not gosple lol :)
  13. The truth behind cheap tyres?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Interesting reading... Tip Top-Tyres - Who make which tyre? I've had event tyres a few times, and had no issues with them, the sunews I have on the Alfa are better than the pirellis P6000's that they replaced. I'm starting to think that 4 new budget tyres are a better plan than 4 mis...
  14. Haynes Manual - the truth

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Chaps, We may not have a (proper) Haynes book for the 166, but I suspect we've all used them before on other cars, so, to that end here's a few truths for you to relate to and remember next time you're under the Alfa. This then is what all those phrases in the Haynes manuals actually mean...
  15. The Truth's an Alfa

    General Alfa Discussion
    Just spotted this TV ad for AR's 159 SW. Wow! Wonderful imagery. Well scripted. Beautifully shot. :cool: The pay-off line aint too bad either. Kind of sums up the whole AR buying decision. YouTube - Alfa Romeo 159 sportwagon Lies
  16. Variator & phase sensor - the truth?!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Been having trouble the last while with my 147 - she won't go over 3000rpm alot of the time now. Sometimes shes fine and then when the engine light is on, shes slow to start (but always does, touch wood) and is restricted. I've had it diag'd as code P340 - Camshaft Position Sensor...
  17. 147 front tyre wear Myth or truth?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    I am buying a 147JTM 16V facelift, I was told at the weekend that 147s suffer from front tyre wear on the inside of the tread and that this is a design fault, nothing to do with tracking or wear/ Any comments.................. Also would it be sensible to get the timing belt changed (53K...
  18. finally... we have proof about the truth about women

    Motoring Images
  19. truth about reprograming keys ?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    :thumbs: Hi, I`am after the truth about reprograming keys. Alfa 147 2001 3 button remote key. After purchasing the car with only one black 3 button remote key :tut: I looked into buying another. found second hand unit and a supplyer for a new blade and someone to cut the blade. :) Sorted I...
  20. the truth and nothing but

    Introduce Yourself
    Your Forum name rancido64 Real name Philip Haylock Age 22 Occupation Car Park Nightshift Manager (leaving soon :) no more nightshifts!) Lives near Mount Nugent, Co. Cavan, Ireland Marital Status Married which cars do you drive and why? Alfa 147, because I got confirmed for credit to...