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  1. Anyone know of any trustworthy Alfa breakers?

    Alfa Giulietta
    I'm looking for a replacement main dash trim piece for my giulietta. Dealer price for part is £192 lol.. for a piece of plastic. Can't find any on ebay, so anyone know any dealers that may be able to source one? I'm sure theres a few giuliettas that have been wrapped up but the interior is...
  2. Trustworthy and reasonably priced transporters

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Can anyone recommend a dependable and reasonably priced single or multi-car transporter company or individual? I need to move my 97 Spider 916 from Wales to Edinburgh. It is currently in immaculate condition and want it to remain so.i had a few quotes from Shiply, but don't know how good they...
  3. decent trustworthy garages

    North East
    Hello there. Had my Alfa 156 jtd 8 valve tourismo for just over 6 months it's bottom end spec but i love it. Had many jobs done to it so far from new wiper motor, cam belt and water pump, new hand brake cable and most recently off side top wishbone. Next on my to do list is brake discs and pads...
  4. Infocenter oil level indicator - is it trustworthy?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    How reliable is the Infocenter display of the oil level (the one showing up when starting the engine)? Mine was showing full for the past month, then suddenly (on Saturday) it was showing full when I left home and 10 km later it went one bar below full? It stayed that way since, which makes me...
  5. Trustworthy Alfa Specialists

    General Alfa Discussion
    Maybe a bit of a long shot this, but I'm looking for a good garage that knows it's Alfas and can be trusted - preferrably in Scotland. I have had a long list of problems with dealership misdiagnoses on my car, including one which left the 166 dangerously unstable (Suspension bushes - long...