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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hi I’m currently looking for a 159 SportWagon after nearly buying a C class merc estate. I hope to make good use of the forum once in ownership of one.
  2. Alfa Giulia
    The driver's door has developed a light squeak. Accordingto my alfista buddy I am now a true alfista.
  3. Alfa Stelvio
    Placed an order with dealer on March 31st for a Visconti Green Stelvio. Just been told factory not accepting orders, and my car may not be delivered until September, ie 24 weeks not the 10-12 weeks I was told when I placed the order. Can anyone throw light on this? Stuart
  4. General Alfa Discussion
    Hi, Has anybody had any experience on here with True Alfa in Rochdale. Looking at buying a Mito for my wife they have a couple in. Seems a decent set up talking to the guy on the phone. Ant comments would be gratefully appreciated.
  5. Alfa Giulietta
    Hi all, Whilst browsing the ads looking at old Alfas, I ended up stumbling on to an ad at my local Alfa dealer for an ex-demo 16 plate Giulietta distinctive in white, on 13567 miles for the amazing price of £8997!!! What's more, it's available on PCP for £99 per month on 30 month contract...
  6. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Have seen a V Reg GTV V6 in generally good condition (needs a new windscreen/window and a panel resprayed) for £900. Only done 80k miles. Awaiting details on if it comes with service history etc but does this sound too good to be true? Was thinking about getting a weekend / project car.
  7. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Rough-looking Sprint with blueprinted engine for £1500! Rare Alfasud Sprint Plus Veloce- Easy Restoration For Sale (1982) on Car And Classic UK [C904858]
  8. The Classic Alfa Romeos Very keen (too low???) price. What's the catch?
  9. Alfa Giulietta
    Hello, and as a potential first-time Alfa owner, please accept my apologies for what may seem a daft question. The garage I have dealt with for a number of years sent me a picture of an Alfa Giuletta they had just taken in, with a view to tempting me to upgrade from my trusty Ford Focus...
  10. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    I'm looking around for a 159 SW and I'm on a bit of a tight budget but saw this: - it's down in Surrey. I'd need to travel over a 100 miles to view/drive it and I'm torn... Any thoughts? Anyone near it who would give it a quick look? I know it's a bit cheeky but they say you...
  11. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    After some wipers for my 147 2008 1.9JTD Collezione.. found these on eBay: They seem absurdly cheap - too...
  12. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I've read if you can pull away in 3rd gear your clutch is slipping. Well I can easily pull away in 3rd gear. Can anyone else with a 2.0 TS pull away in 3rd?
  13. Introduce Yourself first alfa and its a brera with 50k, Ive wanted one since the day it came out before that always loved the gtv and classic spider....despite having 2 kids and the mrs and i looking at a 'sensible new car' which resulted in looking at 7 seater nissans....she turned round and...
  14. General Alfa Discussion
    Honda resurrects S2000 - Honda planning mid-engined threesome -
  15. 4C & 4C Spider
    I've been to my local Alfa dealer today as I needed a widget for my 159. I was talking about the 4c with one of the team there who said that because the tub was carbon fibre the drivers seat has to be fitted to the owners size / length etc. because you can't drill through the tub...if this is...
  16. Alfa Giulietta
    Was searching Autotrader this morning, saw a Guilietta listed. 2010, black, 2.0 diesel with 80k. Bluetooth, nice 5 twin spoke alloys, cloth interior and looks great. In Bristol, £2700. I sent a link to a mate to check, it had gone. I there was an email address and I'd sent a question about...
  17. Alfa GTA
    So, when I fitted a un silenced Ragazzon to my standard v6 gtv, I was pretty pleased with the sound but thought it was a bit deep for a v6. Having just watched an old top gear, where they proclaim lancia to be the best manufacturer, I was again amazed at the awesome sound of the stratos. Ok...
  18. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Hi All, recently having changed job location my drive to \ from work is a mixed bag of motorway \ city driving of about 6miles city and 8 miles motorway . Trip B computer was showing between 19mpg to 24 mpg, so I deceided to calculate brim to brim several times and always get approx 19.2 mpg ...
  19. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    The Brera has now been in the garage for ten weeks after a minor knock on my passenger door..... yep ten weeks waiting for a rear gutter moulding on the drivers rear quarter glass It has been on back order for six of those weeks seems like already these cars are struggling for spare parts
  20. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    1st post!! Been a member on here for a while,watching from afar so to speak. I have been a lover of ALFAS and in particular alfasuds. I've owned and run a few in the early 90's,my first being an early 1.2 4speed that I gave £10 for as an MOT failure. I then had a 1.5 super on a V reg and of...
1-20 of 142 Results