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  1. South Africa
    Not wanting to hijack the Stig's thread, but needing my own for advice, I've decided to start this topic/thread. I have never driven in a race (TLGP's don't count, do they?:cheese:) but like any man worth his salt, I beleive I am the best driver in the whole world and I now need to build the...
  2. South Africa
    Our very own Trackman is featured in this month's FHM! :thumbs: Since I do some work for FHM on occasion, I got a chance to help them with a story on being a weekend racer... I suggested Trackman as a good candidate for the story, and I shot him and his Giulietta 1.8 after his first Trofeo...
  3. South Africa
    Inside Scuderia del Portello with Roberto Motta Drool - Imagine the value of these cars :eek:
  4. South Africa
    This Saturday, 28 May 2011, the Inland Racing Series will be hosted at Zwartkops Raceway outside Pretoria. Besides the fact that there will be a full day's racing on offer, the Ultimate Streetcar Shootout will also take place during the day! The Trofeo field already has a lot of entries for the...
  5. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    I am thinking of selling my sprint trofeo, anyone interested? I have attached a photo. I was planning to restore the car after my Ti but another older alfa has turned up again that I tried to buy last year but failed and 3 alfa's is 1 to many for me really. :cry: The car is a genuine trofeo in...
  6. South Africa We should all start supporting the Trofeo Series as their numbers are low and support is lacking..
  7. South Africa
    The guys name is Richard he is looking to swap his car Race Car for a daily run around, he says he is a regular at Zwartkops. What do you guys think? I'll need to use the Race car as a daily drive, luckily it is Licensed etc. Might need to put a silencer on the exhaust to make it a lil quiter...
  8. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Nice...... YouTube - Gerald Schröcker - Alfa Sud TI
  9. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    This guy has got loads of race bits for sale but hell they'r expensive!! mind you at 300 euro this manifold is probably the best buy!! Alfasud Auspuffkrümmer bei MS-Teile ohne Straßenzulassung (endet 28.11.10 22:46:28 MEZ)
  10. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hi Guys as some of you know I have been slowly restoring an alfasud sprint trofeo its just come out of the body shop and I have finally got round to giving it a polish! Just thought I would share some pic's of my journey with you all to brighten up these dark nights:D Big thanks goes out to...
  11. South Africa
    And so it starts, my passion for this little model has finally pushed me over the edge. I bought this 145 a couple of weeks ago and started the transformation. Can't wait to get her on the track!!! So far the interior has been stripped, cage built and suspension ordered. Now the lots and...
  12. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hi everyone, I have just taken delivery of my Trofeo No. 154 from john at Justsuds:D restoration starts on monday. I am looking for some bits for the car and some advice about performance/handling upgades. Any advice would be greatfully appreciated:thumbs: Bits needed are: 2 decent wings 1...
  13. South Africa
    I said a few months ago about the racing and here it is!!! El4Romeo... Warm those tyres boet:thumbs: Trofeo Cup
  14. South Africa
    As we discussed, Meet up at say 07:00AM, at Fournos Fourways for breakfastr, do some driving, then end up at the track to watch some racing :cool: Who's coming ?
  15. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hi all, I would like to know if any of you out there would know where i can purchase a trofeo bodykit for an AlfaSud Ti. Thanks To All Luca
  16. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    wonder how much this racer will go for? looks a beauty!!! iv got way too much time on my hands lately :rolleyes...
  17. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    I've been emailing back and forth to THIS COMPANY in Portugal, they will supply the Trofeo panels in GRP... the one i'm after is the forth picture down on the right. I'm possibly looking to purchase the later Sprint Kit at some point early 2010, the cost will be higher as I would be the one...
  18. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Yes Guys, since this morning I’m the lucky and proud owner of a splendid Alfasud Trofeo :D. It’s a birthday present from my brother. I can say that it’s got the lot mister: bright Rosso Alfa paintwork, wide arch kit, deep dished 8×13 wheels etc… And believe it or not, it was imported from the...
  19. South Africa
    Thought you Alfaholics would appreciate this great pic of Robbie Krantz being hunted by a trio of Giulias! It was taken at the East London circuit last month. I believe the one of the Giulia's belongs to Trevor Tuck, and believe me, these things are far from standard! :wow:
1-19 of 29 Results