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  1. Motoring Images
    Came across this on You Tube. Enjoy. EDIT: If you want the soundtrack to the video Copy and paste the url: into the You Tube mp3 converter and download it.
  2. General Alfa Discussion
    Just check this on youtube. Great video :thumbs: Alfa Romeo Giulietta Tribute - YouTube
  3. Meets & Events Images
    I took my Spider down and met a couple of friends.
  4. UK National Events
    Anyone thinking of going? June 1st and 2nd. Car must be a Pininfarina design to take part in the attempt. Brokersclub Tribute Cup | Tribute Rally
  5. General Alfa Discussion
    Anyone thinking of going? June 1st and 2nd. Car must be a Pininfarina design to take part in the attempt. Tribute Rally
  6. South Africa
    This is a nice thread with some beautiful cars by enthusiasts. Alfa Romeo tribute song - YouTube
  7. General Alfa Discussion
    ciao, tutti, i found this Alfa Romeo tribute song (sung in English) while looking at some stuff from Poland. Alfa Romeo tribute song - YouTube The lyrics are a bit cheese, but it's actually a pretty neat little song. And the vid has some lovely Alfa pics (the 156s by the Chrimbo tree is...
  8. Alfa Romeo Cyprus Club
    ... sorry double post
  9. South Africa
    Got the link of alfanatics Alfa Romeo tribute song - YouTube
  10. The Classic Alfa Romeos
    gtv6 tribute - YouTube so this is bit of a thanks for the help and mental support you guys gave me when getting my car back on the road.. i did actually post a link earlier in the week in my recommission thread but not many would see it.... but after making it i have decided that nov or dec im...
  11. General Alfa Discussion
    ...but, this one is really a good vid... and, if I am not mistaken, there is a RWD converted 33 from that Alan guy from Slovenia, a member of AO. YouTube - Alfa Romeo 100 anos
  12. Motoring Images
    Well, after nearly three years and over 43,500 miles my 159 joins the stock of Western Alfa in Glasgow tomorrow. I thought a wee photographic tribute is due, because it's been a very fine car and whoever buys it will enjoy its class. The day I collected the car: On a trip to Glencoe...
  13. International Motor Sport
    Dear All, Following the recent untimely death of Henry Surtees (a local lad), I have arranged for those who wish, to go to Brands Hatch on Thursday 30/7/09 and lay some flowers (or any personal tribute they wish) on behalf of AO members and AROCKES at Clarke Curve. Details of the tribute will...
  14. Motoring Images
  15. South Scotland
    Oh whit a sleekit horrible beastie Lurks in yer belly efter the feastie Jist as ye sit doon among yer kin There sterts tae stir an enormous win' The neeps 'n' tatties 'n' mushy peas Stert workin' like a gentle breeze But soon the puddin' wi' the sauncie face Will hae ye blawin' a' ower the place...
  16. General Motoring Discussion
    I read this article from EVO Mag on the plane coming back to blighty this evening and thought I should share it with you all. :cool: "Pagani sets new 'Ring record Road-legal Zonda F Clubsport knocks four seconds off Carrera GT time The Porsche Carrera GT is no longer the fastest production...
  17. Motoring Images
    Since I get my 159 on Friday I thought I'd post a few pictures of the 156 as a tribute. She's been fun to drive, reliable and full of the Alfa spirit, so this is no more than she deserves. To the best car I have owned:( :cool: I hope she goes to a good home.
  18. Motoring Images :D
  19. Motoring Images
    to my 1972 Giulia: Sold! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  20. International Motor Sport
    Excellent. 10 mins worth but excellent:cool: And another What has he done:cry:
1-20 of 24 Results