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  1. Star Trek Communicator.......

    The Technology Section
    .......I want one.......NOW.:biglaugh: It bluetooths to your smartphone:eek:
  2. Star Trek or Star Wars

    Poll Room
    Due to popular demand here's the most important question on the mind of some at the moment that needs answering :eek: Do you prefer Star Trek :cool: Or Star Wars :confused: Neither or the required " Other :rolleyes: " option :HEADBANG: Chose wisely :borg: Or...
  3. Is Star Trek the most talked about film on the forum EVER

    Poll Room
    As above :evil: :love:
  4. Are there too many Star Trek threads on AO?

    Poll Room
    Well? :p
  5. what is your favourite Star Trek film?

    Poll Room
    As the title say really :D
  6. what is your favourite Star Trek series?

    Poll Room
    As the title says people :D
  7. Which was the best 'Star Trek' television series?

    Poll Room
    One for the geeks out there! (I'm certainly one of those....) Select your favourite 'Trek' tv show. I'll kick off by saying Deep Space 9.
  8. Nepal Trek pics!

    Motoring Images
    Just thought i'd stick some of these pics on here, that i took on my trip a month or so ago. :) Amazing scenary, might interest the keen photographers on here! :rolleyes: