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    :( I'm very p155ed off this morning. Left home in the high winds and rain, driving carefully along behind a Rover when a tree dropped into the road right in between me and the Rover. Swerved to avoid it but still hit the end. It's ripped a great gaping hole in my front bumper and destroyed the...
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    What's your favourite magic tree? :confused:
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    Darn it. Was teaching a lesson this evening when I heard a huge crash, and the alarm on the 156 went off. Went outside quickly to investigate, to find that a branch had fallen off the tree under which we're forced to park it, smashing the passenger window and denting the door in the process. I'm...
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    ... which you know has been wee'd against :confused: Say by human or animal :confused: I say human as I just remembered a while ago we had a small get together and the bathroom was busy so someone 'went' by our pear tree :rolleyes: :( Now that was a few years ago, but the pear tree is now...
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    So common in Finnland ;) Wolkswagen in a tree :eek: That guy must be pi55ed :eek:
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    A few names gone missing....have they gone off roading?