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  1. Alfa 164 & 166
    Hi guys Im new around here so i don't know how this works but hopefully I'll get someone to help me out. 🤞 I have a 2000 166 with a 3.0 busso. Because of engine failure i decided to swap out the engine for a new one. Since i found a parts car i decided to swap it out together with the...
  2. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi, I am doing repairs on my alfa GTV and reverse gear is really hard to get into.. Do you guys have any suggestions (if price of repair exceeds 1000€, its not worth it..) Thanks.. Thanks to you I already cleaned interior sticky black color so, I appreciate you..
  3. Alfa Giulietta
    So a couple of days ago I hit something big from under my Giulietta so I got worried and went to a mechanic to lift the car so I can take a look under it, and I found this oil leak from the gearbox. So is this ok or there is something wrong with the gearbox now?
  4. Alfa Giulietta
    Hello everyone, A couple of months ago I noticed for the first time a sound from the gear box when I change from second gear to third, like a "clong" when the gear changes coupling. When I bought the car it had 113k km, and it made no such sound. Unfortunately I have no record of any...
  5. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hello All, I picked up my 1999 3.0 GTV yesterday and put a days driving in today. Here is a list of things I've found and would like to fix: The car has been in storage for a while and came out and was serviced and MOT'd before pick up. - Lazy syncro going from 2nd up to 3rd slight crunch 7 out...
  6. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hello All I seem to have a very silly problem but no easy fix out of it. The blue end of the left/right gear change cable seems to have come off the ball joint it normally fixes to on the gearbox. It wont "pop" back on though as its much too slack, infact, Id say that the middle of it has...
  7. Alfa 159, Brera & Spider
    Hello All, I have recently purchased a 2008 159 Jtdm 2.4 Q4 diesel and as I have no previous experience driving an Alfa some particulars of the transmission and engine are giving me some concern. I would like your opinion if this sounds particularly within normal range, or if I should bring it...
  8. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint
    Hello all, I know that it's a common thing to get a bit of a grind when you shift into second on some 33's. Does anyone have a problem with getting thier car into first gear? I have one heck of a time and I'm wondering if maybe a clutch kit is in order. Also, I have a bit of trouble going...
1-8 of 9 Results