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  1. Idle Hunting - but only when slowing down in traffic!

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi all, I’ve got an interesting one this evening. I’ve noticed the GTV (2.0 TS) starts idle hunting when I’ve got the clutch depressed and I’m coming to a stop, but then idles just fine when actually at a complete stop. Any idea what this problem could be? I’ve recently replaced the RPM sensor...
  2. RadioNav Traffic Alerts

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi all. Only had the G a week now (2011) but on my commute I do like to have radio one constantly tuned (as I go through different frequencies) I also like Trafic updates from surrounding local stations. I have AF and TA turned on but radio one does not retune on my drive and I don’t get TA...
  3. Giulietta QV TCT - check transmission error msg / car fully disabled in traffic!

    Alfa Giulietta
    Was driving my G QV today in a traffic jam and up a hill when I popped it into 'P' and check transmission error came up. Then I realised it wasn't allowing me to pull it out of 'P' and when I turned off the engine to let it sort itself out then discovered it wouldn't allow me to turn the engine...
  4. Civilised Traffic Policing

    General Motoring Discussion
    Police to hand out €50 rewards to good drivers - The Connexion
  5. Car completely died for a few minutes in traffic

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hello, first time posting here after 6 months of owning a 62 Giulietta 1.4 TCT Sportiva. I had a weird experience yesterday and wondered if anyone had any ideas on it: In heavy traffic and stop start cuts in and turns engine off. My battery is about 6 months old and S/S has worked perfectly...
  6. Giulia in traffic

    Alfa Giulia
    Has anybody got any observations on driving the Giulia in traffic? I've read a review that kinda slates the auto transmission in traffic. It's hard enough trying to convince the missus that an auto is fine these days. If the car turns out to be a little awkward in traffic I'll be in big...
  7. M60 and Traffic

    General Motoring Discussion
    I was going to post this in the Northwest Lounge but then saw that there is little activity so decided on a more general approach. At the end of the month I will be taking a friend to Manchester Airport for 9:00 am :weeping: My normal route would be over the Woodhead Pass but I am more than...
  8. Giulietta-smoking in traffic

    South Africa
    Hi all Month or 2 back, idling in traffic/stop and go for about 20 odd minutes, smoke coming out of bonnet, no overheating lights, switch off air con, smoke disappears, drove on, open bonnet, nothing. Booked in car, they checked air con for leaks, found nothing, (Car was at dealership most of...
  9. RTTI Real Time Traffic Information

    Alfa Giulia
    I have a QV on order. The salesman could not tell me about the traffic functionality. In my BMW I have at the moment I have the RTTI traffic info which is based upon very up to date data from other mobile phones etc etc. Does the Giulia use this? Or does it use the older TMC system? To be...
  10. Traffic

    Poll Room
    Would you rather be stuck in semi-stationary traffic - very slow moving stop start type (not accident but just congestion) but for a known amount of time... standard everyday delay or Go the longer way, knowing it will take slightly longer time wise but you are moving constantly and not stop...
  11. Lack of power after sitting in traffic for a long time

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    My 159 2.4 has suffered this a couple of times. The car usually lives in rural France so seldom spends time in traffic. Since having the dpf removed by AHM the car has been transformed but this strange behaviour in traffic has only happened since the dpf removal. Any more than 20 mins in slow...
  12. Traffic Accouncements

    Alfa Giulietta
    Hi My Giulietta has RadioNav and it randomly does traffic announcements even though I've got this turned off in the settings. Is this normal or have I missed another setting somewhere? Thanks Rog
  13. traffic fine guru's

    South Africa
    this morning I went by a routine stop in the GQV...1st off I could see the two ladies debate as to what is on the little slip printout. One of them approach me and greet me politely to which I return the gesture, she then remarks that my car is beautiful to which I acknowledge the compliment...
  14. 10 minutes grace (traffic wardens now to 10 ten mins)

    General Motoring Discussion
    Before giving a ticket to illegally parked vehicles in england.... Wonder if they will continue to hide around the corner and pop a ticket on your windscreen as before....10mins gives them time to eat a pie while they wait :p
  15. Power Maxed Traffic Film Remover ( TFR )

    Car Detailing
    I read some positive reviews on Detailing World about Power Maxed Traffic Film Remover so I thought I'd have a punt. It's great stuff, don't let the chav name put you off as I found it to be really good. Diluted it down 10:1 and applied with pump sprayer to car, left for 10mins then...
  16. Hunting RPM while at traffic Lights!

    Alfa Giulietta
    Guys, Do I need to worry about this? Yesterday morning I only drove about 3 miles and while stopped at traffic lights I noticed my RPM needle 'hunting' badly. I then gave it a blast for another mile and it seemed to have rectified the problem but should I get it looked at? Cheers.
  17. Nearly over-heated in traffic

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Took well over an hour to get on to the M3 from the ferry port in Southampton this morning. On the link road from the M27 the temperature on the Alfa got up to nearly 130 deg C so I shut it off. When I tried to re-started it had shat its (admittedly too small) battery and wouldn't even turn...
  18. Advice: traffic fine

    South Africa
    Guys, need your advice. This is the first time I've received something like this. Was trapped doing 120 in an 80 zone. No fine amount stipulated. States 'requiring attendance at court....process will be delayed until 27/9/2014 pending your reply.' Please advise. What should I do?
  19. New QV Trim fab but tomtom RadioNav not picking up live traffic.

    Alfa MiTo
    New QV Line fab but tomtom RadioNav not picking up live traffic. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I took delivery of my MiTo QV Line thee weeks ago. Live traffic on radionav is greyed out (TMC traffic announcements are working). Dealer has been...
  20. Keeping Cool in Traffic

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Yesterday I was stuck in a traffic jam on the A303. It was sunny so I had the air con on and roof down to make sure I was being environmentally friendly. I found this had the added side effect of keeping the engine temperature right down. I know that if you put the heater and fan on you help...