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  1. Brera and trackdays?

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Thinking of buying a brera and also do a few trackdays I'm 51 and I've never owned a Alfa, so when I saw a 3.2 brera locally I thought I would go and have a look. I've taken it for a drive and quite liked it, my question though is the next car I buy is to be used for a few trackdays and I was...
  2. Racing and trackdays!

    Tuning & Upgrades
    You know, why is there not a sub forum on this ? Are there so few of us nuts that do trackdays, or even race Alfas ? Well let me kick off then! I do trackdays in my 156 GTA, and I have an itch to make it more of a trackday machine. roll cage, seam welded, custom coilovers, changed geometry, and...
  3. Second 147 - just for trackdays - yeeee!

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My brother in law and I have just bought a 147 2.0 Twin Spark for some track day fun. We'll be keeping her standard to begin with, just a full-on service, a set of Green Stuff brake pads and possibly set of steel braided brake lines. Maybe some other mods later on - if the wallet allows :) She...
  4. trackdays

    West Midlands
    I love trackdasy do any of you have any planned soon? Donnington is the nearest to me
  5. Alfa Cloverleaf Club Trackdays

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Guys - just had an invite from CL Club about trackdays at Oulton and Knoickhill. Quite nervous, always wanted to do one but never got as far as doing one. Just wondering who else is going? Think I will look old skool in the 156GTA as I get the impression that the cloverleaf club is mainly...
  6. Alfa Romeo trackdays in Finland

    Meets & Events Images
    Hi from Finland! Here is some my pictures of Alfa Romeo trackdays last summer 2009. There was three different days: once Alastaro Circuit and twice Ahvenisto. Enjoy! Here is galleries: Cuore Sportivo I/2009 - Ahvenisto Circuit Picasa Web Albums - Raimo - Cuore Sportiv... Cuore...
  7. trackdays?

    East Anglia
    Any trackdays planned over the next few months? I've done several on the bike, and quite fancy giving it a shot in the 147 now. a
  8. Selespeed on Trackdays

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi Guys, Now I'm not going to start a debate over how fun a manual is versus a selespeed on a track, but I do have a question over the auto clutch. If you're back overtakes your front, you would normally put the clutch in to stop the engine suddenly finding itself going backwards. In a sele...
  9. Trackdays anyone ?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Anyone take their Bella on a Trackday ? Just booked onto Brands Hatch..:eek: Should be fun I hope. Done lots on my bike, just none in the car. Let's see what that V6 and Q4 can do :D Focused Events: Motorcycle, Trackday, Race tracks, Motorcycle Events, Bike Trackdays, off roading, Motorcycle...
  10. Knockhill Novice trackdays

    South Scotland
    My mate at the Porsche club is trying to entice me to one of these so we can both break our track virginities (ooer missus). Is this something you more experienced guys would recommend for me and my wee 1.8? What level of wear to your car can you expect to do at one of these things?
  11. Summer UK/Ireland Trackdays

    International Events
    This is a spin-off from the Nurburgring thread where a few of us were wondering how on earth we would be able to pass the time before we would be able to afford another Nurburgring trip :) During some last weeks liquid debriefings in Nurburg a number of us had suggested trying to get some...
  12. Trackdays in Scotland

    International Events
    The Scottish Section of the Alfa Romeo owners club will support two trackdays in scotland this spring. :D The first is the usual fling round Knockhill on Friday evening. This will be on April 29th between 6pm and 8pm. Sign on commences at 5pm. cost will be £55. Visit for...
  13. Scottish Trackdays

    International Events
    I have news of two trackdays. Firstly is Knockhill- Friday 23rd April. This is hosted by the AROC Scottish Section. Cost is £45 per car and £25 per additional driver. Anyone interested should be there at 5pm to aid a speedy sign in. Track time is 6-8pm. Second one is not a definite. In...