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  1. Toyota GT86

    General Motoring Discussion
    Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma. How nice is this: With a financial focus on sinking money into overpaying the mortgage, the rest into the pension and my savings means spending on Big...
  2. Toyota To End Production Of Diesel Cars This Year

    General Motoring Discussion
    Another manufacturer joins the club
  3. Toyota Aygo or Grande Punto?

    General Motoring Discussion
    I cant believe I am needing to decide between these cars. Let me explain - I am going to be living in the Isle Of Man for a year and needing a car for the island - Want to leave my Alfa at home as I will be flying back at weekends quite a lot. I am after a low tax car, looking for a tidy...
  4. Toyota C-HR

    General Motoring Discussion
    Had a good look at one at FRF Swansea yesterday. Hugely impressed, completely reinforcing my "affordable car of the show" at Geneva this year. Stunning to look at, inside & out. Very sporty stance, ditto driving position. Very decent boot & reasonable space in the rear when set for my...
  5. Weird Toyota gearbox.

    General Motoring Discussion
    One of this week’s taxis was a Toyota. I’m not sure what model it was, but I think it was the MPV derivative of a normal model because a) my God it was ugly and b) it was mahoosive in the back. There was a stubby little P/R/N/D lever mounted high on the dash, so it was an auto - but here’s the...
  6. Turbo question (disclaimer: non Alfa but Toyota)

    South Africa
    Hello. This question is just a quick one regarding my brothers 2011 Fortuner d4d that blew its turbo at 107000km. To me it looks like something from the exhaust port destroyed the turbos blades. Carbon maybe? Or did this turbo have a bearing failure/oil starvation and the imbalance caused it to...
  7. GT replacement ordered - Toyota GT86

    General Motoring Discussion
    Clare has done the deed:D Spec is metallic blue, full quilted / embossed heated leather, JBL sound system with the Touch & Go connected NAV system, reversing sensors & the leather armrest lid. She's very happy. Delivery due July / August. Includes professional tuition at a track to teach...
  8. Rare £600k Toyota GT beauty destroyed

    General Motoring Discussion
    £600,000 Toyota 2000GT wrecked by fallen tree | Looking at the picture, the driver was amazingly luck to escape the tree falling on the car.:eek: Very sad.:cry:
  9. 4C vs Cayman vs Toyota GT86

    4C & 4C Spider Firstly don't know what a Toyota is doing in this comparison - almost has nothing to do with the Cayman and Alfa. Also why is the Alfa tested without traction control ? and outright speed of the Alfa over Porsche was never mentioned that's a major...
  10. My 156 has the emissions of a 1994 Toyota Avensis

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    That's what my examiner said haha. It passed though with the pre-cats removed and a CF1 main CAT. It did come up with an engine management light as it was left idleing for about 20 mins (I think it knows that there are 2 cats missing) - i'll clear i with my S4 later. There were no advisories...
  11. Poor crash test results for Aygo, C1, Pug107

    General Motoring Discussion
    The girl in Squadrone Rosso's "Gonna" thread was very lucky. I just noticed on the front page of Business Car a piece on these cars needing upgrades later this year as they have been downgraded by NCAP's more stringent testing to only 3 stars because of disappointing results in the latest crash...
  12. Toyota Battery discharge issue

    General Motoring Discussion
    Hi all, The old Granny is plodding around town in a Daihatsu Sirion 1.3 16v. Its 4 years old, and done just over 4k miles. She literally drives a couple of miles every other day or so. Back in the summer, the car wouldn't start one morning. The battery was flat. I jumped it from Bella, and she...
  13. Toyota Aygo

    General Motoring Discussion
    This weekend I hired out an Aygo. Having had a Yaris the week before my expectations were quite low; however, I must confessI quite liked it. Sure, it was basic inside, but it was quite Yaris - which is explained by the fact it is lighter and has the same engine. Like the Yaris it seemed...
  14. Toyota Urban Cruiser

    General Motoring Discussion
    I am in one of these today as the Landcruiser is in for it's 20k service. Hmmm....can't think of anything nice to say about it really! Sorry.:)
  15. Toyota GT86 - potential Brera replacement

    Motoring Images
    Drove a dealer demo manual version this afternoon on roads I know really well. It's a fantastic machine to drive. Perfect driving position & driving environment, perfectly weighted controls, razor sharp throttle response, fantastic handling, great to look at, nice plastics & leather, sounds...
  16. GTV vs Toyota GT86

    General Alfa Discussion
    Working at Donington Park at the moment with Toyota launching the GT86 to the dealer network This morning saw me park my GTV next to one of them and it really brought home how much I prefer the Alfa styling, lots of unnecessary swage lines, curves, slashes all combine to make it look...
  17. Could a McLaren T25 emerge as a Toyota

    General Motoring Discussion
    Guys, I'm quite intrigued by McLaren's little T25/T27 cars, their concept and the transport and manufacturing problems they're trying to solve. Do you think these two Toyota concepts are based on them? Three abreast-seating, hinged canopy, same dimensions, same wheel at each corner stance...
  18. Toyota GT86

    General Motoring Discussion
    Toyota GT86 | Toyota UK Toyota's new coupe - 200hp, rwd and 1240kg. GTV ts was 1370kg I think. Six-speed gearbox (six-speed auto optional) £25k
  19. Roy Hesketh / Toyota Test Track Track Days?

    South Africa
    I'm desperate to drive my car on some unregulated roads (before the 14th of July that is ;))... Does anyone know if there are any track days or meets scheduled for Roy or Toyota Test Track?
  20. Toyota GT86 UK Pricing Confirmed

    General Motoring Discussion
    I got an email from toyota about 20 mins ago If it's as good as they say that could very well be a very hot seller. Come on Alfa 4C is gonna be late to the party :( Sean