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    Autodelta European Tour 2006 Drive exhilarating roads through spectacular scenery in amazing company. This isn’t a race, it’s a relaxed tour for true enthusiasts. Building on the inaugural tour of 2005, Autodelta are proud to invite you along for their unique celebration tour of Europe to...
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    Dear alfisti bro, Just to share some pictures with my fellow alfisti bros here on AROCM GT held last week! links here:
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    Hi all alfisti bros, just wana share some news from our 8th AROC Malaysia Grand Tour 2005 that held last 9th-11th sept. It's was our major event every year ! here is some reviews from the forum: here is some pictures during the flag off...
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    Building a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti - a virtual tour of the factory :cool:
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    Just taken a tour of the members garage.Theres some stunnig cars in there. Punts and Hoygs 156s are amazing.Stunning photos of Hans new bella too. Take a look. :cool:
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    Looks great !
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    As a coincidence we had to travel from Sofia to Plovdiv (150km's) in Bulgaria with the Bulgarian AROC. From all the people that had to show up we ended up with me 147QVD, a friend of mine's 147 2.0TS sele and a brand new 4days old GT 2.0JTS selespeed...same config. as the autodelta tour..well...
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    I wish I was one of the drivers :D Click on image to learn more about the tour.
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    For those of you who may be interested (I guessing not many though) here are some photos of my caravan. Are you one of those people who think caravans are for low lifes and have buckets for toilets?? If this is the case, I hope this will prove you wrong, with a peak into a modern day caravan...
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    As you all know by now, I've been on the road again. End up with more them 4600kms, with an average consumption of 7.5l and average speed of more then 80kms/h. :) The tour started obviously in Portugal, arriving in the afternoon to Bordeaux. I've been there last year, when I went for the 147...
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    here is small gallery.
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    In this last 4 days I did a 1300km's tour with my Alfa. Took a day off from work and with the holiday we had before and the weekend it made 4 days total. So what would be the best thing to do besides driving my Alfa? Drive to one of the most peaceful places I know... that's the little village...
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    I see Fiat group have been replaced as the official course cars for the Tour de France for the next 4 years. No more luvverly 166s etc chasing the bikers around. Instead it'll be a bunch of Skodas. :eek:
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    Been watching the closing moments of this years Tour; good to see Fiat group still supplying the chase cars....spotted a lot of 166s,Marea wagons,Stilo wagons, Thesis' and also a Bravo convertible...was this an offical model? :)
  15. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    That time of year again, when we see the trusty red and blue 166's behind the leaders of the TdF. Did anyone see todays highlights? The sharp handling 166 probably saved a riders life. Following at 40 odd mph, the rider fell off, the driver veered sharply just missing the fallen rider, into a...
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  17. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    1510.2 miles Average speed 57mph (though most of the time was spent at 85-90) time in car 27.3 hours Average economy 30.2mpg Oil used NIL (but it went from transparent to brown and is being changed this week). Reliability - other than overheating of the CD player caused by exceptionally high...