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  1. (another) PAS fluid topic, HELP needed

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Hey guys. So, i've been searching (a lot) around here, and on the web on general but I'm still a bit confused about what I should do. Long story short, my '06 159 still have the red fluid, from factory I think. It's level on the reservoir is a bit low and I'd like to put some to get it back up...
  2. Looking for topic

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Hi Chaps, I'm looking for a thread I read a month or so back that was about a private Alfa Museum somewhere in Italy that was run and owned by a bunch of Private owners. Its location was a secret and was filled with what these owners classified as 'true Alfas' prior to partnership with Fiat...
  3. Off topic - best route from JHB to Clarens?

    South Africa
    Me and the Missus are heading to Clarens for the weekend and I'm looking forward to stretching the 159's legs. Anyone been that way lately? I don't want to end up on a car-breaker of a road... Google suggests N3 from JHB to Villiers, then R26 to Bethlehem, then R712 to Clarens. A colleague...
  4. OFF TOPIC- Valentines ideas....HELP PLEASE

    South Africa
    Ok, im stumped, i want to get out and do something nice for valentines but i dont want to sleep over somewhere. Now i have trolled the internet and all the nice things are in Cape Town (Daaaammmmnnnn you IAN!!) Can anybody suggest any nice evening activities out of experience? ive looked into...
  5. Off Topic: Tax Advice?

    South Africa
    I have rental property and I usually plow as much of the rental income (after the bond has been covered) back into the property to improve it by keeping it neat, paying for gardening services, I once rebuilt the irrigation system and had half the garden re landscaped after a pipe burst, replaced...
  6. Completely off topic

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    as in the post title this completely off topic for GTV's so I may be flamed . I visited my dad yesterday and he was having rummage through the loft and turned up some old Haynes car manuals, one was for a Talbot Alpine ( anyone of our more mature members remember these ) my very first car ! I...
  7. Non-Alfa related topic: Heartbleed

    South Africa
    I get the feeling that this is something one should be very concerned about. Heartbleed Bug Why are people not wringing their hands more loudly on the local front? Which SA and Alfa sites are vulnerable?
  8. Yet another eibach topic

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Simple question: Will EW1020001VA and EW1020002HA fit 147 jtdm ?
  9. off topic: Puma GTE

    South Africa
    Apologies for the off topic thread but I thought maybe the South African lot might have some knowledge us Europeans lack! I am interested in the Brazilian sports car Puma which I understand is now manufactured in South Africa. Heres a website I found. Puma Sports Cars - Welcome Does anyone...
  10. Hot Topic

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    My heater controls have gone all weird :eek: Suddenly I cannot select just 'Manual', 'Auto' & 'Manual' are on at the same time :rolleyes: The left and right air direction lights will only light on the left. It's all gone bit strange.... anyone experienced this?, any solutions like ECU reset or...
  11. A tired topic - 147 keys, and immobiliser transponders

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi guys, It's been a long time but like many do, I came back. And I'm back with a problem. The 2002 147 we bought had only one working key and a "spare" which is cut correctly, but the immobiliser rejects it. We were trusting to fate but it came unstuck today - the key dropped from my pocket at...
  12. Totally off topic (Rhodesia)

    South Africa
    I have a very odd question. I know many members here on the forum are older 40 plus. No offense taken:) But do any any of the older people here perhaps know anyone that comes from Rhodesia and use to be in the Rhodesian army/SAS/armed forces? I am trying to collect some Camouflage uniform and...
  13. wheel refurb topic, again...

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    So here we go again... I'm looking for prices to refurb my wheels in west london/area west of london... *chips away neighbour charges about £65 a wheel if memory serves. he removes the tyre but does all work in his van = for special cases I've seen him take the wheels away for work. *a local...
  14. Airsoft Sport/Hobby (non motoring topic)

    South Africa
    So I believe I am not the only member here on the forum that is into airsoft! I just ran into Alfi on the airsoftza forum. Good to know that a fellow Alfa Romeo driver also has the same interest as I do. A brief summary: Airsoft is basically the same as paintball but instead of shooting paint...
  15. Off topic

    General Motoring Discussion
    Did anyone see the HR Owen display in London Broadgate today? Chris Evan's 250 GTO was on display - all £12M+ worth of it.... Oh - and there were a couple of cheaper Ferraris too - an FF and a 599(?) Ho hum - one day, maybe...
  16. A bit of topic

    Republic of Ireland
    hi i am looking for a fiat tipo 2.0 16v,give me a call text(0879522909) or mail me, i will travel any were in ireland if it is wort a look. thanks.
  17. Bit off topic!

    Northern Ireland
    I'll be going to NI tomorrow lets say 50-100 km radius of Belfast and stay (don't know where yet) for the night! Anyone could give some tips where to go? Nice beach, hill to climb, castle to visit etc? I'm taking my young fella so probably would need few places to go, hard to impress those...
  18. off topic - this forum & google chrome

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    Is anyone else having problems with the classics forum and google chrome? The whole site went down last night for maintenance and since then everytime I click on the classics forum link google chrome doesn't load the page, it just downloads a 52k file? All the other forums seem fine, just the...
  19. Way off topic - "What do women want?"

    South Africa
    Any takers?:lol::rolleyes::cry::eek:
  20. Snap! *off topic

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Snap! spotted another red Brera in Richmond on the A316 heading towards Twickenham flashed me but I reacted too late. Saw it again this it you? Newbie question. So what's the deal with flashing other Alfa drivers? do I flash all models or just models on this forum? lol