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timing belt

  1. Great 'How To' on 3.2 V6 Timing belt change

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    I was Googling for some information when I came across a downloadable pdf 'How To' on the 3.2 V6 timing belt change, which blew me away with how detailed and descriptive it seemed to be. It is on the Alfa GT Passion website here only trouble is of course, it is in French. So I downloaded and...
  2. Timing Belt

    Timing Belt

    Cam locking tool in position.
  3. Timing Belt

    Timing Belt

    Ready for new parts.
  4. Timing Belt 156 2l T-spark

    Timing Belt 156 2l T-spark

    All the parts you need to do a timing belt, water pump and cam variator. Make sure the belts are tensioned correctly and the car will sound and run perfectly.