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  1. Throttleman should be a hand model :)

    Motoring Images
    Who here thinks he has what it takes?:) I love this picture,great effort Hugo.
  2. Where is THROTTLEMAN'S Camera?

    Poll Room
    Havent seen any of your arty shots lately? ;) Any planned? :cool: :confused:
  3. Throttleman and 147Girl

    Motoring Images
    Hang on, it's not what you're thinking... :D :o ;) Last week I meet irl a girl with who I've been talking on the Alfisti Portughesi forum. It was a very pleasent mini meeting near the Ocean, as you can see. She has a red 1.6TS. :) I just wanted to tease you a bit. :D
  4. Throttleman's Summer Tour 2004

    Motoring Images
    As you all know by now, I've been on the road again. End up with more them 4600kms, with an average consumption of 7.5l and average speed of more then 80kms/h. :) The tour started obviously in Portugal, arriving in the afternoon to Bordeaux. I've been there last year, when I went for the 147...
  5. Throttleman is not alone anymore

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    Hugo is no longer the only Platinum member of AlfaOwner. Congratulations RicksAlfas with your new status!
  6. Throttleman goes... Cultural Tour 2004!

    General Alfa Discussion
    In this last 4 days I did a 1300km's tour with my Alfa. Took a day off from work and with the holiday we had before and the weekend it made 4 days total. So what would be the best thing to do besides driving my Alfa? Drive to one of the most peaceful places I know... that's the little village...
  7. Throttleman in action... in Lisbon

    Motoring Images
    Throttleman has done it again ;) Here is a report photo he took while playing around with the camera ;) All the Best Sérgio P.S: Hugo, I hope you've had a pleasant journey ;)
  8. Throttleman will be on the move... again!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Throttleman will be on the move... I'M BACK! That's it. :D Next Friday I'll be traveling to Edinburgh and I'll meet Neil in the end of the afternoon. :) Then we'll drive to England on Monday and meet a lot of you for the first time! :) Leaving at 7am from Porto to Lisbon by train (funny...
  9. Throttleman is **back**.......... from vacations!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Next Friday I’ll be flying to Holland. :) Yes, it’s finally time to go and enjoy some vacations... not that I’ve been working lately anyway. :D So, Friday I’ll be back to Amsterdam!!! My Friends Mel and Marcia (my hosts) will be waiting for me and for sure we’ll have a great...
  10. Hugo = the improved throttleman

    General Alfa Discussion
    Today (day after the 147 meeting) Hugo thought about it in the early morning ; And decided to have his car tuned by AutoDelta, at the very spot were AlfaOwner, MrT, Jano, Wimster, Eve, Mel + Marcia, Hugo & I had spend the night. SO officially, Hugo is now the IMPROVED THROTTLEMAN laughing