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  1. Goodwood FOS 2019 theme announced

    General Motoring Discussion
    Surely it's the anniversary of a marque or one of its models? There appears to be no sponsoring this year, instead a general fast car theme. "Calling all lovers of the fastest, most incredible and most exciting machines in motorsport history – do we have a show coming for you at the 2019?...."
  2. Interior sketches for original theme

    Alfa Giulietta
    Here's an article on how the Giulietta was styled Retour sur la création de la Giulietta d'Alpha Romeo (3/4) - Autoblog FR Other pages show exteriors.
  3. Italian theme

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Italian theme at Cholmondeley castle Cheshire, anyone going to this event in June? looks a good weekend. CHOLMONDELEY PAGEANT OF POWER ANNOUNCES ITALIAN THEME FOR 2014 | News | CPOP
  4. Secret Agent Theme - Revolving License plates

    Tuning & Upgrades
    Looking to give my car the secret agent theme.... (I bet its not at all surprising considering all my recent posts... :D ) Anyways, I wanna install revolving license plates.. the same as in the attached pic (strictly for show purposes). I looked at kits on the net and none have given the right...
  5. Alfisti Theme for SE 750

    Motoring Images
    Hello again. I didn't know where to post it so I chose Images section. This is an Alfisti theme for SE K750 but should work on any SE supporting 176 x 220 screen size. (it works perfectly on my SE v630i). It's inspired by Alfa Romeo. Any C&C are welcome.:) Alfisti Theme BTW: still lookin for an...
  6. F1 Theme Park Dubai

    Poll Room
    Well, never thought I'd hear myself wanting to go to a "theme" park, but count me in for this one!!! :D Dubai F1 Theme Park Well would you?
  7. Theme Tunes

    Poll Room
    Well, I've come to realise I must have spent way way too much of my youth watching television (talk about double standards with my own sprogletts!!). Anyway, I've always derived a lot of pleasure from those theme tunes, and the memories they still evoke in me today. I thought a "poll" of some...
  8. My Gtv Photoshoot (Industrial Estate theme)

    Motoring Images
    Dear All, After spending silly money on Megs and Autoglym thought it only right to take some pictures. I must apologise for the arty shots, I won't be taking photography up as a hobby. All comments welcome.
  9. Favourite Bond Theme

    Poll Room
    So what's yours?
  10. Worst car with an Italian theme.....????

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hello everbody..... Today's question.... WORST CAR WITH AN ITALIAN THEME....:tut: I personally think MORRIS MARINA ITAL :confused: Further comments please....:p
  11. whats the best Walt Disney theme park

    Poll Room
    What do you think is the best walt disney theme park :)
  12. Alfa Theme for Sony Ericsson S700i

    General Alfa Discussion
    Many thanks go out to Wisrute.B for his hard work creating this. It now adorns my phone. (contains .thm file) :)
  13. Seeing as breasts seem to be a current theme : )

    Motoring Images
  14. GTV background theme

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    When you search at for "gtvback" you can find a nice GTV background picture in the format 1024x768. ciao, Cerpheus