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  1. Tesco Flat Blades

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Noticed Tesco now do Flat Wiper Blades on a bogoff, I think £8 for the pair for a 147. Made in China, anyone tried them? I guess :confused: if they are rubbish you can get your money back?
  2. Red Alfa 145 At Tesco On Canal Road Bradford

    Helloooo I was driving through Tesco car park on Canal Road in Bradford... I saw the 1st Alfa 145 apart from mine.... Are you on the forum mr red Alfa man??
  3. Tesco 99 solves rattle?????

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    So ive had a nasty rattle on stary up for about 4 weeks now, yes, I know it could be the variator...........ive already had 4 in my 2001 156 Sportwagon but it only happens every now and again maybe once in every 10 start ups, not always when its cold but even when the engine is hot. So if its...
  4. Kleenex Quilted or Tesco Value loo roll?

    Poll Room
    Should you save the pounds to spend on your Alfa and go for the value, or is quilted the only way forward?? :D
  5. A poor molested fiat uno I saw in Tesco's car park

    General Motoring Discussion
    OH MY GOD!!!!!:wow: Didn't manage to get a shot of the rear which was even worse before two nutters with skinheads started walking towards the car so we left. ;)
  6. Was it you? Grey 156GTA Lakeside Tesco Saturday

    Alfa GTA
    I had a surprise while getting petrol on Saturday. The garage was very busy and while waiting for the pump, I see another 156 GTA pull in next to me :D Managed to say hi but never found out if you were on the forum. Considering the recent thread about how few GTA are in the UK, and I don't...
  7. Tesco 99 Octane

    General Alfa Discussion
    Caught a thread on here about fuel...and learned about the 99 octane fuel...Tesco sells. I usually fill up at sainsbury's and use 95 or 97 RON fuel..or at BP nether filled up at tesco's as it is miles away...So went to tesco's to give this fuel a try... Car loves it....seems a bit easier...
  8. Insurance with Tesco for 156 JTS Veloce...can you beat this?

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Just got my insurance renewal from A whopping £587, I assume due to the high rating applied to the JTS. Shopped around online and best I could find was nearly £200 cheaper...£396* with Tesco. Can anyone beat this? *Maximum excess, no extras such as hire car, legal cover etc. I'm...