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  1. Alfa's on the telly

    General Alfa Discussion
    There's a 147 on Dave at the moment. Unfortunately it's had a load of roof tiles put through the windscreen and roof by a pair of teenagers who are on a roof and destroying everything they can get at with the police forced to stand below and just watch. I don't think they should just be allowed...
  2. wot is a good telly?

    The Technology Section
    recommendations,pls :tum:
  3. Telly aerial connectors

    The Technology Section
    The Younger Mrs S. and myself are moving in to a new house in The Land that Time Forgot (aye, Wales! There's lovely it is.. :D ) and I noticed that there is a satellite dish on the front with cables to the kitchen and the living room. The cables are twin-cables (joined together) and each one...
  4. how big is your telly?

    Poll Room
    big or likkle?
  5. I managed 21 seconds

    Way Off Topic
    and that was only because I gave it a second go * Holly Willoughby loses her cool with Katie Hopkins in ANOTHER class row on 'This Morning' - YouTube * no, it's your dirty mind
  6. Brera on Telly right now :)

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Yay! Channel 4 right now: Dolce Vito - Dream Restaurant. UK restaurant owner Vito Cataffo sets about opening a British restaurant in Italy and is driving around in a Brera Spider ... red too. Yummy.
  7. Best car programme on telly

    Poll Room
    Must have been done before......
  8. Is Dave The Best Telly Channel?

    Poll Room
    If I am left to my own devices in the house.... the telly usually ends up watchin Jeremy and the boys doin what they do best. It dos'nt matter how many times I have seen the episode before.... I will watch it avidly. And theres some other good stuff on too. WRC coverage.... QI, even 5th Gear...
  9. Anyone spot the the 155 on telly lastnight?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Blue 155 being worked on in the garage in Emmerdale, they usually have more recent Alfa's, I'm betting there maybe a story line involving the demise of said motor:(
  10. GT on the telly

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    They are currently filming the 'Bill' at my place of work. The scene involves a mechanic working under the bonnet of a car. They are using my moon blue JTD so it will be on the telly in about six weeks. It will look wrong with the 02 plates they've put on though.
  11. 147's on telly

    General Alfa Discussion
    Was watching a German programme this morning which had diesel 147's racing, which is always nice. Coupled with this there were some "right sorts" (beautiful women) who had recently got racing licences. Don't know the significance of this but hey, who cares. More of an Italian tangent normally...