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  1. Scrappers BBC1

    Way Off Topic
    Did anyone watch this last Friday night? The blurb on the planner sounds comical. I didn't know about it until M-i-L phoned on Saturday. We'll have to watch the rest as the owners have lived next door for 22 years. We saw the film crew outside a few times months ago and thought nothing of it.
  2. Television Appearances

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Perhaps I've missed a thread, or else it is not of great interest, but who else has seen the black 156 with tan leather in the "Case Histories" series on BBC 1 on Sunday evenings? I'm not clever enough to determine what model it is but am sure someone on here will quickly enlighten me. Whilst...
  3. Sky Tv Offer

    The Technology Section
    Hey Guys, I have some friends and family offers for half price sky for a year and free set up, as you're all fellow alfa friends i'm extending it to you. Give me a message if your interested
  4. BBC 2 - Line of duty

    Way Off Topic
    Really surprised no one has mentioned this? (unless it is in emwot :rolleyes:), It was an excellent 6 episode drama that just finished this week - I have just finished watching the last episode (on iPlayer) and it really was an amazing piece of TV. Towards the end, I really was on the edge of...
  5. I've just had a bit of a surprise

    Way Off Topic
    Whilst watching the Antiques Roadshow just now, my best mate's Dad was one of two people being interviewed about some items they had brought to the show. I just exclaimed "That's Tim" - I had no idea that he was going to be on! Have you ever spotted someone you know on the electric idiot box?
  6. Sinking of the Concordia

    Way Off Topic
    Is on Channel 4 now (Has half an hour left to run). They're showing shocking scenes of the bridge, neither the captain nor his staff seem to have a clue, there does not seem to have been any sort of standard procedure or drill. Worse still, in the initial dialogue with the port authorities, it...
  7. Alfa GT television commercial

    Republic of Ireland
    Anyone ever see this before? Jaysus :wow: Alfa GT spot - YouTube
  8. HD TV Tuner and NAS

    The Technology Section
    I've had my NAS box for a while now (Synology DS211J with 2x2Tb mirrored drives) and I'm looking to expand it's uses beyond central server point and backup for all music, spare video files, pictures and other documents... I have full HD capability and standard Freeview but was wondering if it...
  9. Sky and BBC to share UK F1 television coverage from 2012 to 2018

    International Motor Sport
    Sky and BBC to share UK F1 television coverage from 2012 to 2018 according to todays Autosport with only half the GPs being shown on Free To Air channels live - with highlights of the race afterwards. Races will be on Sky Sports Channel It is the end of the world as we know it! :rant: Like...
  10. Alfa Romeos on television

    General Alfa Discussion
    After all the Alfa spotting on Zen, the 2nd part of the latest Silent Witness episode last night featured an Alfa 159, powering into a farm yard. This car has appeared in previous episodes too - both of the male characters have had a go at driving it, so it must be the company "hack" :)...
  11. Do You Spend More Your Own Time Watching Television Or Surfing The Internet?

    Poll Room
    The question is in the thread title.
  12. Books or Television?

    Poll Room
    Ok, it's the year 2050 and a new government has taken power of the world entire. Under their authoritarian practices, each household must choose specific means of entertainment for the rest of their lives. So here's one of the choices: One goes to room 101, and the other is your entertainment...
  13. Which was the best 'Star Trek' television series?

    Poll Room
    One for the geeks out there! (I'm certainly one of those....) Select your favourite 'Trek' tv show. I'll kick off by saying Deep Space 9.
  14. Wrinkled skin & giant television

    Motoring Images
    First picture: too much aerodynamics can wrinkle the skin of your car. Second picture: This must be the biggest Connect Nav screen in the world?!?!?!? :eek: :eek: :eek: Could've saved him a lot of quid if he just got himself some proper glasses :lol: