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  1. Alfa 155
    Drove over to Sicily 2 weekends ago to see a famous european championship hillclimb...........and look what I found :wow:
  2. Republic of Ireland
    155 BTCC car
  3. Alfa 155
  4. Alfa 155
    The beast is 14 today! :) Conceived during the heady summer of 1994 (BTCC Glory year! :thumbs:) the lad was assembled in the Autumn and sent to our miserable cold and wet shores during the winter of 1994/5. He did seem to languish unsold for a long time, possibly because he was a "1993 spec'...
  5. Alfa 155
    The beast has had a recent head gasket and some welding up of the rear wheel arches.. but despite all this upheaval (things being dismantled and put back together) it's been running booootiful. Then last night he just died.. on the A217 (though that's not really relevant :D ). The RAC came and...
  6. Alfa 155
    I was working on re-assembling Tarquini this weekend. He's had new head-gaskets and some other tidying up work in the back of the engine room. :) I have re-fitted the heads, set the cam-timing and attached the manifolds, heat shields and most of the fuel injection system.. but as I have...
  7. General Alfa Discussion
    Just don't take it on the road ;)
  8. General Alfa Discussion
    Just got this press release emailed to me CHAMPIONS CONFIRM PLACE ON BTCC MASTERS GRID Six past champions of the British Touring Car Championship – John Cleland, Rob Gravett, Tim Harvey, Alain Menu, Jason Plato and Gabriele Tarquini as well as double Touring Car World Cup winner Paul...
  9. General Alfa Discussion
    I was flicking through a really old Max Power last night (whilst sat on the throne), It must have been an old one, as it featured a 3 page spread to the BTCC Knockhill round, where Tarquini got knocked off the circuit & rolled by A BMW !!!!! (kin BMW's). There were some prety dramatic pictures...
  10. Alfa 155
    Poor old bus - Tarquini (my 94/M well-'ard Mo-Fo skinny body V6) has lately been using a teeny bit more petrol than normal (29mpg vs 32) and has taken to losing water from the cooling system - nothing major but thelevel needs topping up every couple of weeks whereas it used to be okay for months...
  11. General Alfa Discussion
    Almost home tonight and going round a roundabout I see a Touring Car drive past. I decide to follow it instead of going home. The car lives about 4 miles from where I stay, but when it stops, a lady gets out !!!! Yes....a LADY !!!! "Nice Car" I said. She thanked me and said "Wow" I...
  12. General Alfa Discussion
    Woohoo Tarquini behind the wheel of a 156 GTA in the Euro STC (Ok so its not the 155 this time but who cares)
1-12 of 12 Results