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  1. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Like many people on here I am planning a road trip to Italy at some point (I had to promise to take the good Mrs Nelly on such a trip before I was allowed to buy the Spider), hopefully this summer. Inspired by a comment on another thread, I thought I would start one on this subject... The plan...
  2. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Today I set about removing the long overdue tar build up around my injectors (3 & 4) which have been leaking for quite a while. I removed a lot of this hard resinous substance mechanically with a screwdriver. After that I have been working carb cleaner around with a toothbrush and have made...
  3. Car Detailing
    Hey everyone, I received a sample of kleers tar remover and i thought instead of just testing it by itself i would put it up against another tar remover, First up is the autoglym intensive tar remover, I applied the autoglym following the directions on the back of the bottle which are, "...
  4. General Motoring Discussion
    Wanting to valet my car , and wondering is Tar & Glue remover panel wipe , asking as i have a few liter of 99.5% isopropol alcohol here that i can use if so ?
  5. Alfa Giulietta
    Arghhhhh! :cry: Do I live in a medieval tar pit... or does this affect everyone? I seriously think I could spend 24 hours rubbing them off and still find more.
  6. General Alfa Discussion
    Hi all, I need a little advice on my paint issues. I'm just over 2 weeks into alfa ownership, and bellas mechanical worries are behind me (just about), so time to think about what to do about her body. I've searched for all of my problems, but have not really found an definitives! So...
  7. South Africa
    I'm not sure how many of you know about the Black Tar Quest. It is a supercar rally that will be held from the 4th till th 8th of May, basically a South African version of the Gumball 3000. The rally starts in Johannesburg where drivers head off to Upington where the cars will be put to the...
  8. Car Detailing
    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a decent bug & tar remover? Tried using some Halfrauds own brand on my Rosso Red Brera today and it was nothing short of utter rubbish! Cheers!
  9. Car Detailing
    Hi there, This I'm sure has been asked before - but my GTA (04) suffers very badly with tar spots on the paintwork especially around the arches and tailgate. What is best to remove the tar spots without 'picking' each one off spot by spot - I have millions of tiddlers and more importantly is...
  10. South Africa
    Howzit guys.. After this weekends 4th :wow:overall in the Zwatrkops performance car challange, we recon the Alfa might have a good chance at winning this rally... So We have pre entered:thumbs: my dads car into the all tar rally happening on the 06 November 2010. I wanna start this topic for...
  11. Car Detailing
    I've got the 18" Horseshoe alloys on my 159. They need a bit of a refurb at the moment, some of the laqueur is peeling, and there is a slight scuff on one. I have used the shampoo I use and even wonder wheels, but they have never come out as perfectly clean. There was always a browny hue on the...
  12. Car Detailing
    What's best to remove them? I've had a good go with the clay tonight but there are some really resilient ones that don't want to budge.
  13. Car Detailing
    Hello all. I finally got around to removing all the tar spots from my Stromboli Grey 159 yesterday. I had previoulsy removed the main ones from leading edges, but I have now taken all the spots off the cars. I then re-washed the car, rinsed, dried and started to polish. Unfortunately the rain...
  14. Car Detailing
    My gorgeous Stromboli Grey 159 has been blighted by rather a few tar spots for the last few months. Along the front door lower panels and wheel arches. I bought a bottle of the above and wow! Does exactly what it says on the bottle. Brilliant, melts the tar away, then washes off pretty well...
  15. Car Detailing
    Hi does anyone know of some really good tar remover?? I got my alfa in decemeber and although i wash it weekly i have never got round to removing the tar splattered along the lower parts of the car. Whats the best way to remove the tar with out damaging the lacquer? I bought some turtle wax...
  16. Poll Room
    One for the geeks out there! (I'm certainly one of those....) Select your favourite 'Trek' tv show. I'll kick off by saying Deep Space 9.
  17. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Had have a bit of drawbacks with my new JTS alfa for the past days..... On Sunday, while driving home the Engine fault light goes on, and the display says something about motor control system fault, and me having to go to the dealer.... well thankfully I was close to home (about 200m :rolleyes...
  18. Tar

    Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hi all Anyone know of a good tar remover. I have spots on the body work.
  19. General Alfa Discussion
    What's the best way to remove tar deposits from my car? I tried t-cut but it didn't touch them. Leaving the t-cut on for a bit, scraping the deposit with my nail and then t-cutting again seemed to work better but would have ended up taking me about 2 weeks to do. There are a lot of deposits...
1-19 of 19 Results