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  1. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Wanted replacement washers as imo the black ones look a little dated. Got aluminium effect ones off fleebay. Didn't put too much time into picking them out. when they arrived it turns out they have a 'white beam' which shines down the bonnet for 'sporting effect'. I'm surprised they didn't claim...
  2. Alfa 33, Sud & Sprint what do you think on the back of my sud? all depend on how you react :D :thumbs:
  3. General Alfa Discussion
    I know all things are a matter of taste which is why I often gauge things with people before doing not that I take any notice of what Im told :lol: but its sometimes good to see what other people see first rather than rush into something and regret it at a later date. Now Ive nearly bought a...
  4. Poll Room
    got some decals from the italian car show at bristol this weekend! tacky :eek: or tastfull :inlove: ?? you decide!!
  5. Alfa 147, 156 & GT
    Hey again all! We have an Alfa 156 2.5 V6. We still have the car body but we have a 3.0 GTV V6 engine in it. (A cam belt snap last year resulted in the engine upgrade after some of your helpful responses and recommendations last year to do this instead of spending it on repair!) Anyway, we...
  6. General Alfa Discussion
    Fitting new grooved discs and new pads next week and while i'm there considering tarting up the callipers but can't make my mind up, oh and red or yellow for a silver GTV??
  7. General Motoring Discussion
    I saw a new VW Passat today: dark blue colour with that huge ugly chrome grill! My God it is tacky! YUCK! I guess you need a light colour to hide that grill :rolleyes:
  8. Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Hi Guys, When i got my GTV before xmas, I was really chuffed that it had the aero pack fitted. I think that rear spoiler just finishes the car off nicely and gives the smooth lines a more agressive look. My old man on the other hand thinks that like the Audi TT spoiler (that had to be added...
  9. General Alfa Discussion
    OK by now you've all seen my car. I'll only get £200 max if I sell it so I was thinking of what to do with it if I keep it and I thought I'd make it in to a project car. I want to turn it in to the crappiest, worst road-going vehical that there ever was (as if it wasn't already), here are some...
1-9 of 9 Results