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  1. went for a swim this morning

    South Africa
    the roads in Paarl are fu(*& all drains blocked and dams everywhere, as i left the house a cloud burst and it was wet kept going for 15 min, had to swim to the car and back and then we aquaplaned home
  2. Save on the Ferry - Swim to the Isle of Wight.

    General Alfa Discussion
    My son has decided to save on the ferry and swim to the Isle of Wight ( Bestival ) on my birthday.:thumbs: Read his pitch it is a hoot.:lol: Please give generously ( straight jackets cost a bomb nowadays ! ). http://
  3. I took my Alfa for a swim... literally!!

    Motoring Images
    There was a hailstorm tonight, with lotsa rain and lotsa wind. I went to pick up * to the University, just over a kilometer away from my house, and I came upon a HUGE puddle (pool would be a more appropiate term). The results are as follow: Yup, those are pine tree leaves on my grille...