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  1. Introduce Yourself
    hello guys and girls just bought myself a 156 2day 1998 on an r only cost me £550 and its got a new mot just had a service includeing cambelt. iv always been in2 my alfas iv had a gtv 6 ,155 twin spark 155 2.5 v6 ,alfa 75 3.o v6 ,33 cloverleaf 1.7 v4 flat and now im back with my 156 2.5 v6...
  2. Poll Room
    OK. The car is back on the road at long last. Konis all round, stops on a dime thanks to Red Dot, Sounds sweet with ragga all through and auto delta have unleashed fury on the engine. What more..... Stripes? I want to take it on the track so thought racing stripes were cool. I spent ages...
1-2 of 2 Results