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  1. Carwow review: Giulia Vs ze Germans (and a Swede)

    Alfa Giulia
    Very comprehensive review of the Giulia Vs its main competitors. A great half hour watch for anyone interested. It seems the Giulia is falling behind a fair bit in a few areas now. Still the equal best driving car there though. The perceived quality thing needs to be worked on though. Sent...
  2. I´m just another Swede...

    Introduce Yourself
    ...finding his way here. I was recommended on the Swedish Alfa Romeo Club to join this site. I´ve got a 156 2.5 V6 ´98 and a Gtv6 2.5 ´83, and my girlfriend owns a Gtv 2.0 TS ´96. I´m 29 years old, working as a game programmer at SimBin in Falun, Sweden. They´re known for their very realistic...
  3. We welcome... The Swede!

    Introduce Yourself
    Sweden is a large country with little people, and even less Alfa drivers. To find more alfistas I joined alfaowner. I drive a pitch black, quite new 156 SW and a red, olden but golden GTV. Thinking of changing either to GT or Brera, but have now idea how to decide which.
  4. Crazy Swede needs help again...and it's okay to laugh!

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Ok, so here I am again, in front of the gray vastness of the Alfa Forum, almost in shock. Today I purchased a trunk lid lock cover badge for my silver 166 3.0. The old one was faded from the harsh German sun!? I just went ahead and commenced the switching process. Just as I came to the...
  5. New Swede on this forum

    Introduce Yourself
    Good that I found it.