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  1. New Bentley SUV

    General Motoring Discussion
    I live near Crewe where they build Bentleys. Over the last week I've seen the new one being tested without any real camouflage on it , with the exception of dummy fronts over the headlights. Even managed to get a dodgy video of it! Do you think Auto Express would pay for it? It's meant to be...
  2. Alfa Giulia SUV

    South Africa
    Jaguar C-X17 Wearing Alfa Romeo Giulia's Face Is Far From an Ugly SUV - autoevolution
  3. Alfa mule spotted... maybe SUV

    General Alfa Discussion Despite the 500L Living bodywork, this is an Alfa mule, as pointed out later in the thread:
  4. Dont get snobby about the prospect of a Alfa Romeo SUV

    General Motoring Discussion
    If an SUV is good for RR its good enough for Alfa Romeo BBC News - Rolls-Royce to build 'any terrain' SUV PS I hate them too.
  5. Faux SUV madness

    General Motoring Discussion
    All the manufacturers are at it, launching Not-Very-Sporty, Not-Very-Utility Vehicles (NVSNVUVs) I give you the Renault Kadjar (WTF?!) - Photos - Galeries - L'Automobile Magazine And the Seat Teqta (There may be a "U" missing in there....) - Photos - Galeries - L'Automobile Magazine Grim. :(
  6. Would you buy an Alfa Romeo SUV?

    Poll Room
    Well, would you? :confused: No other, just "maybe".
  7. Maserati SUV

    South Africa
    Maserati confirms launch of its new SUV for 2015 - Times LIVE As such, 2015 is shaping up to be a very busy year for new SUV launches, particularly those with a premium Italian flavor. Maserati's sister company Alfa Romeo will also be unveiling its first SUV next year which will be positioned...
  8. SUV reports

    General Alfa Discussion
    Is this new? First I've seen of it, hopefully someone can delete this if it has been posted before. Alfa Romeo SUV for 2016 | Auto Express Different variants here image-wise but harder to read for most of us ;) AutoBlog | Alfa Romeo SUV stiže 2016. godine Personally, I think Alfa need to do...
  9. Giulietta SUV debuts in SA??!!!

    South Africa
    I just have to share this hilarious Alfa story... Last Monday, I went to a car wash at a Bp garage. On Thursday, I went back to the same place. When I went to pay, I was asked to pay thrice the amount by a young, naive woman behind the till. When I asked why, she said my Alfa was an SUV and...
  10. New Merc SUV's real market:

    General Motoring Discussion
    Merc makes X6 fighter « Sniff Petrol
  11. Alfa SUV ........????

    Motoring Images
    Guess it might be a photoshop creation ?
  12. SUV's seen at Arese

    General Alfa Discussion
    These pictures were taken when I visited Arese where they were parked in a restricted area:tut: Nice looking SUV's will be interested to see what the production version looks like!!
  13. Alfa SUV

    General Alfa Discussion
    I think the new Landrover is a good template for the Alfa SUV. Especially this model. Notice that it essentialy is a coupe ;-)
  14. Alfa Romeo SUV Info

    General Alfa Discussion
    hi everybody, i just red some new info regarding the Alfa Romeo SUV that is supposed to come out next year, anyway it's new to me, so if you want to check it out here the link Alfa Romeo SUV |
  15. New Alfa SUV spotted in Boston

    General Alfa Discussion
    Anybody else see this? (Watch to the end)
  16. Chinese Alfa SUV!!!!!

    General Alfa Discussion
    oh please lol Great-Looking Alfa Romeo SUV Already Built in China - autoevolution
  17. Alfa SUV

    General Alfa Discussion
    Apologies if this has been posted already - but here is the new Alfa SUV: Scoop: Alfa Romeo
  18. A Giulietta on a raised suspension.. Mule for the SUV?

    South Africa
    Wonder whether this G on a raised suspension is doing the donkey work for Alfa's SUV? Spyshots Alfa Romeo CXover on - New Alfa Romeo CXover
  19. alfa suv

    Introduce Yourself
    hello everyone i'm from over in ontario canada and i've got a alfa question for anyone who might have some info. i came accaross an alfa romeo truck/4x4 the other day. it looks like a land rover or a land cruiser. i've never seen one before or can't find any info on it anywhere. i don't have any...
  20. New Alfa SUV renders appear

    General Alfa Discussion
    Alfa Romeo Kamal C-SUV 169 4x4 Allrad Crossover Zukunft -