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  1. Newb Looking For Small SUV Info

    Introduce Yourself
    Howdy Y'all!!! I'm in the market for a new daily drive compact SUV and I've seen a few of those Àlpha Stevlios around these here parts. Is there any info on a newer model Àlpha yet? Rumor here says it'll be based on the good ol' Jeep Compass. I'm Jim by the way. Jim Greeper. :)
  2. Alfa Romeo Tonale: New Small SUV Launch at Geneva

    General Alfa Discussion
    Launch in Geneva on Tuesday 5th March.
  3. SUV epiphany

    Alfa Stelvio
    What a brilliant name for a Stelvio chief engineer; Filippo Epifani. He describes the Giorgio platform handling feature and the Stelvio has more aluminium than the Giulia and the 4WD to make it faster off the line than the 2WD Giulia.
  4. What do Porsche use a the benchmark for their SUV?

    Alfa Stelvio
    A Stelvio of course!
  5. 2019 What Car performance SUV of the year

    Alfa Stelvio
    The Stelvio Quadrifolio wins
  6. New Model news - Large SUV

    General Alfa Discussion
    From ANE.. MILAN -- Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is expected to commit to producing new models in Italy, including Jeeps and a Maserati-based Alfa Romeo SUV, union sources said, as the automaker strives to fill underutilized plants and lift profit margins in Europe. The plan would also include...
  7. SUV Super Build

    Alfa Stelvio
    For all you Stelviowners, Quest TV (on Freeview, Freesat and Sky etc) have an hour long programme advertised for next Thursday at 9.00 pm on the development and building of the Stelvio. Might be worth a watch.
  8. What car genre will be the next big thing when the SUV love ends?

    General Motoring Discussion
    Hey everyone :) As we know, the hatchbacks' and saloons' dominance is pretty much over, with the public desiring high-riding SUVs and crossovers. But, as hatchback and saloon sales have shown us, what's popular today, may not be popular tomorrow, so the SUVs and crossovers' crown may slip one...
  9. Attention urban SUV drivers

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    Ironically from one of the Grim Jeeper's favourite news sources :cheeky: Range Rover launch new 4×4 for people whose local Waitrose is halfway up a mountain :jester:
  10. Lamborghini SUV Urus

    General Motoring Discussion
    What is the world coming too, I find this wrong on so many levels please say you agree with me :shoot::shoot::argue::argue:
  11. Fiat Chrysler’s SUV Push Pays Off

    General Motoring Discussion
    Fiat Chrysler Profits Beat Expectations as SUV Push Pays Off |
  12. Jaguar electric SUV; I-pace.

    General Motoring Discussion
    Nice rear end. Am I alone in seeing Alfa 156 in that rear corner?
  13. Alfa Romeo Stilvio SUV launch

    South Africa
    Is the official reveal not today? It looks pretty hot. QV version to clock 0-100 in 3.9s? :yikes:
  14. TT4N's SUV selection helpdesk

    General Motoring Discussion
    An AOer is in need of our help people, all we know so far is he / she wants an SUV... whatever one of those is. Stupidly Underpowered Van :thumbup:
  15. Alfa SUV teaser

    General Alfa Discussion
    Teaser is pushing it a bit mind.. New Alfa Romeo SUV teased by head of design | Autocar
  16. Sneaky SUV reveal...

    Alfa Giulia A photo of Lorenzo Ramaciotti, from his successor as head of design, Ralph Gilles. But look more closely at what Lorenzo is sitting in...
  17. Alfa Suv

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi just wondered if anyone knows when when the alfa suv will be available.Cheers Richard.
  18. Alfa SUV - what do you expect?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Alfa SUV is still delayed - earliest date is late 2016 says here Here is awaited beauty: (Why is there no pics alowed? :censored:) What it should be like - a X5 in Alfa clothes or more off-roading? I'd like it to be...
  19. Giulia and SUV delayed 6 months

    General Alfa Discussion
    For crying out loud! :furious: Smaller volumes of production do NOT mean time delays! This is all too familiar. Can you imagine how different things might have been if the Kamal had been produced? And Sergio didn't have a plan B for volumes of production below the optimistic projections? Come on...
  20. Do we need a specific Honda CR-V or General SUV lounge?

    Poll Room
    Well? Plenty of those HondaCR-V Drivers around. 4 at the last count. :confused: