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  1. Insurance Companies - A Pleasant Surprise

    Insurance Section
    Got my first points in 40 years last week, 3 for an SP30 from a camera that had changed from a traffic light junction camera to a speed camera as well.. Hands up, i must have been doing 47 in a 40 zone so no complaints. But having told 2 insurance companies neither asked for an increase in...
  2. Hyundai i30N surprise

    General Motoring Discussion
    Had an invite to the i30N experience and left feeling very impressed with their new hot hatch. Was a Millbrook and that car stuck to the corners like glue on the Alpine pass and proving circuit. Exhaust had a nice burble and could switch off the pops and bangs. Lots of adjustments with the...
  3. Unexpected surprise

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Greetings Bro’s & Whoe’s ..... I took my car in for its first part of quiet a long list of things I’ve wanted to do on my 11 year old Brera today. Because I’d like to keep it (hopefully) for many years to come I’m giving it an extensive make over.. I won’t mention all that I’d like to do as...
  4. A fusebox surprise

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    A PO's handywork, Random semi burnt out brown earth wire coming from relay in the slot marked E7. I havent been able to tell from the workshop manual or handbook what this relays function is, does anybody know ?
  5. Dealer - Dashcam surprise

    Alfa Giulia
    Last Thursday I had my car serviced because of the 6116 campaign (2.2 Diesel). I honestly didn't want to record what they did, but I forgot to disconnect the dashcam and ended recording everything that happened in the workshop and test drive. In my defense, the camera produces a quite loud...
  6. Aftermarket engine parts surprise around Black Friday

    Alfa 155
    Black Friday is coming, discount price aftermarket engine parts will come at and Maybe these auto parts will be the lowest price in 2015, if you need crankshaft,*conrods,*turbocharger, coilovers,*air suspension strut,*camber plate,*control...
  7. Surprise from FCA dealer meeting

    Alfa Giulia
    According to Quattroruote "The new Charger on base Giulia . Altogether , the new features planned for the next two years , including new models and updates , are thirty : among them , with regard to Case Stars and Stripes , stands out the new Dodge Charger , which according to leaked will be...
  8. Tyre pressure surprise

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    I have been a little concerned about my 159Ti's consumption for a while now. My 2.4 QTronic, remapped to 240bhp/360 lb.ft was returning 15ltrs/100km around town : around 19 mpg. Pretty dreadful... Only after consulting a thread around tyre pressure here did I realise that I was underinflating...
  9. Intake temperature surprise

    Alfa MiTo
    Finally got around plugging in the bluetooth OBD thingy and took a little test drive. I did a... lets just say a high speed pull on the motorway, and the results were stunning, to say the least. Now I don't know where the sensor that the Torque app is reading is, but: Ambient temp. +15 C...
  10. Pleasant surprise re insurance

    General Motoring Discussion
    I got the renewal letter for the insurance on the Giulietta today. The price, at £312.07, compared reasonably with other quotes (it was only £10 more than the cheapest and there were others siginificantly more) I had been getting over the internet. While it was on an automatic renewal so I...
  11. Second Service.... Was a surprise

    Alfa MiTo
    The other day I took my Mito in to ask if i can get the Oil changed and the brake pads replaced. I ended up just booking the car in for a full service. (i like keeping my Mito in top tip condition, like everyone should.) I hung around for a couple hours waiting. Went up the stairs had a gawk...
  12. Brera 2.2 vs 3.3 what a surprise !!

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Over the last couple of days i have driven both the 2.2 and 3.2 and these are my observations under normal driving conditions .. i actually simple expected to find the 3.2 better in all repects but ....... I have in the past owned a selectiion of relatively fast cars Lotus , TVR and the normal...
  13. Christmas Surprise

    Alfa Giulietta
    My OH always comes up with the goods at Christmas and one of my presents was (See photo) Not sure where she got them from but she works in a jewellers and has connections. Hope Christmas is good for you all and Very Best Wishes for the New Year:D
  14. Nice surprise !

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    Having had the no glowplug heating warning for months , I thought I'd better WD around the plug threads ready for removal . While the plastic cover was off I decided to look at the MAP sensor , seeing as I've never looked at it since buying the car , plus it was egr delete/blocked , dpf emptied...
  15. If U go down to the track today there could be a big surprise!

    Alfa 164 & 166
    Spur of the moment desision to head down to Brands this morning as sun was out and the AROC had two races scheduled. Took a walk into the paddock at lunch time and could not believe the orangeness of car no. 64. Finished and rolled out of the garage at 5am this morning, Ron Davidson and his...
  16. have you had a NICE surprise after purchase

    General Alfa Discussion
    We have all had the nasties that appear after one has drove home or even like me driving home.But what about something good about the new/second hand purchase. I don't mean the ass kicking stereo or kick in the back acceleration i mean something you miss like me then it appears as a NICE...
  17. Cars that are a pleasant surprise

    General Motoring Discussion
    Took a friend of mine to buy a new car yesterday, she's has a 1995 Suzuki Alto 1.0 which has never broken down, the only things it's needed is usual ware and tear. She had her heart set on a new Alto SZ 1.0, she just wants basic motoring with a few comforts, so off we went to try one she asked...
  18. Very pleasant surprise - is your insurance valuation sufficient?

    The Classic Alfa Romeos
    I finally took advantage of the AROC insurance valuation, sending off as requested, 15 pics of all aspects of the car together with a comprehensive record of the work I've carried out on the car. I bought the car for £4.5k three years ago and had an agreed valuation through my insurance...
  19. bad surprise today :-(

    Alfa 159, Brera & 946 Spider
    so I was in London for work today, once done I got back in the car to drive back to MK, turned it on, went to reverse and when I reached full lock on the wheel the aux belt started making an almighty noise and the steering went solid.. I switched the aircon off, revved it a bit and it seemed...
  20. Surprise... 4C US launch delayed again!

    General Alfa Discussion
    Oh, how surprising... the US launch for the 4C has been delayed until "at least the middle of next year". Best part being "Neither Fiat nor Chrysler, which distributes Fiat in the U.S., would say why the reintroduction now has been delayed". Some will say, the show must go on, business as...