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  1. 4C. Who supplies the bits ?

    4C & 4C Spider
  2. Who supplies the bits for a Giulietta?

    Alfa Giulietta
    Here's a link That's where the bits come from!
  3. Snow Foam Lance and supplies

    Car Detailing I have just ordered from this seller as the price seems sensible. It has not been delivered yet although I have been sent a tracking...
  4. Premium Fuel Supplies

    I have been told this morning that the Shell Station in Scunthorpe is closing on Friday. :rant: It will reopen later as a "Harvester" (Irish owned and will not take fuel cards) This means there is no premium fuel supplier in Scunthorpe. Nearest Shell will be Grimsby, Lincoln or Doncaster...
  5. Need Car Supplies? I need to get rid of mine

    South Scotland
    I'm moving out of the country and having already sold my 159 :cry: it's now time to get rid all my car supplies. I've got an ad up in the classifieds (miscellaneous category). I figured I would mention it here since it is collection only (I live in Edinburgh). £50 get you all this: • Turtle...
  6. Who supplies cheap gtv v6 parts?

    Alfa GTV & 916 Spider
    Who are most people using to buy cheap alfa parts? I have a GTV v6 and need a thermostat, should i go direct to alfa or are there alternative suppliers at better prices? I'm also having problems with air con. It comes on when i turn the temp this normal or could it be due to the...
  7. Who supplies wishbones with pre-fitted Powerflex bushes?

    General Alfa Discussion
    Hi all, it's upper and lower wishy changing time! OE wishbones seem incredibly expensive now from whatever source (even the uppers, and there is a run on them too) so I'm considering the powerflex route. If anyone knows of any lawful impediment, they should say so now or forever hold their...
  8. Power supplies...

    Alfa 155
    I have just bought a hard drive MP3 player which I'm going to mount in the boot. It needs a power supply and I'm just wondering where's the best place to wire it to? There's no problem getting the cables to the front of the car, but should I wire it directly into the fusebox... tap it off the...
  9. Radio Power Supplies - Help!!

    Alfa 155
    Heres the problem. When i connect a cd/radio unit using the ISO connectors within the standard wiring loom I loose the memory settings when the car is switched off. This happened to a Kenwood unit ( i sold it because i thought it was faulty) and now a Sony unit. I have checked the permanent...